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What is exposeknowledge.com?

ExposeKnowledge.com is a place where you can share your knowledge and earn money. We believe that we all have lots of information and want to share with others. ExposeKnowledge is a perfect place where you can pass your knowledge to others.

Expose Knowledge is a platform to Share, Discuss information on any topic of your choice. Your information, skills, expertise can be exchanged among friends, family, community etc., Everyone benefits from knowledge sharing.

How does exposeknowledge.com work?

The User can submit his/her Articles/Resources by clicking on "Post New Resource". But remember, the User has to Login to the site before contributing. We do this, so you can track your resources and avoid any Spam Messages.
After the User submitted their Resource, he/she can see Default Points/earning for that resource. The Resource stays in a "Not Yet Reviewed" state until its been reviewed by the Webmaster/Editor. Once it’s been reviewed, the Status changes to"Approved".

How Earning credits are assigned?

System will assign default points and earning by the length of the content, other algorithm, but as you know we will review each post and reassign the exact points and earnings depending upon the uniqueness, quality, topics etc...

Where can I check my Total Earning?

Total earning and Paid to member information can be found at their Profile Page under Earning & Bonus Tab.

How do I Unsubscribe from Emails?

For every Post there is a checkbox before the Submit button. You can Check/Uncheck this option to stop emails coming to your Inbox for that specific post.

What are the Payment modes?

Payments will be made by Direct Deposit (Net Banking) to bank account (For Indian members only. minimum $20 [Converted to INR]). As of now no other sources of payments are introduced. All transactions will only be made in USD or INR.
To request for a payout, send a mail to payment [ATTHERATE] exposeknowledge.com along with your Username. Once we receive the request, within 3-7 days, you will receive money in your Indian Bank Account.

How long will it take for the article to be approved?

If the article is in "Not yet reviewed" state the it may take upto 1-3 days for the resources to be approved (In some case it may take longer). Articles in "ONHOLD" state will be approved after the Author has given the required clarifications. Check your Dashboard for appropriate status messages for articles submitted or editors message on the resources.

How do I know whether my Resource got Approved or Not?

If you are logged in and you click on the resource posted by you than you will see the status message on top of the Article , How To or Tips. . The status message specifies whether the Resource is Approved or Under Review. Resources status also shown on your dashboard

Note:stat This status message can only be viewed by the author and our editor only. Other members or visitor will not see this message.

What if I would like to Edit my submitted post?

The Resources/post once submitted can be edited by using EDIT option found in the header of the resource/post

Can we Edit already Approved articles?

Yes. You can edit already approved articles. Edited articles will change there status to "Not Yet Reviewed". It has to be approved again by the Editor.

Do I get Do I get more earnings/points for edited Approved articles?

Its depends. Most of the time not (Because mostly it will be spelling mistake correction or one sentence rewrite etc)..But there is huge changes then yes it may increase/decrease the earning and points.

Can I create 2 or more user account?

NO at any circumtances you are not suppose to create multiple account..it will void all your account.

How do I Upload Images in the Articles?

All you need is to upload the picture 1st using Upload button. for e.g. let’s say you want to upload 5 pictures then upload the 5 pictures 1st and

where ever you would like to paste image you can just copy the image URL from the uploaded list and choose [IMAGE] from the from the editor menu bar. Please check below the pictorial explanation for the process:

What if I forgot my password?

You can use "Forgot Password" link and enter your username or email address and we will send your password to your email account.

What if I want to change my profile?

Yes, you can change your profile by clicking "My Profile" link appear after login and there you can change your profile settings, avtars, Password.

Tips to write Articles

1) Choose Hot topics/ Interesting topics where people will be interested to read the entire article.

2) Choose Proper TITLE. 80% of the Users come from search engine for most  of  the websites. A good Title leads to good searches from search engine. An ideal Title must be 60-80 characters.

3) Give proper SUMMARY. Summary is the META Description of the page. Meta Description is a SEO term which can be found in every page and most Search engines take this meta description part to display the Search results. So your Search Result is based on TITLE and good Summary. Give proper importance to these.

4) Your Description must be explanatory with good content. An ideal Article should be more than 500 words. Please re-read your written Article before Submitting. Check for grammar, punctuation, and spellings. The more descriptive, point-wise, well written, well formatted Articles will fetch more MONEY and more VISTORS to your Article.

5) While Submitting Recipes:

A) First give brief description of the Recipe. For e.g., you can say the importance of this recipe; of how the main ingredients are healthy; any items good for health conscious people; good for dieting; how you came up with the variation etc., just give a brief description.

B) Ingredients: List out all the ingredients used in the recipe. Also, you must specify the quantity used for each and every item. Mention the units/measurement like cup, kg, tablespoon, teaspoon, number etc., 

C) Most important thing is please try to specify Indian as well as their equivalent English names. For e.g., if a recipe calls for Maida, specify it as Maida/All Purpose Flour; Bhendi/Okra;  Curd/Yogurt;  etc., This allows all the kinds of Users to understand your ingredients and gives them confidence to try your recipe. This gives more views to your Article too.

D) Procedure: procedure should be in detail step wise. Don’t skip the steps assuming the User will know. Explain in Clear words how the recipe should be prepared. If the recipe calls for boiling, let them how much extent to be boiled; marinating, how much time it should be marinated; flame, whether it should be cooked in High flame, low, medium, low-medium etc.,

E) Images: Please post your own Images for the recipes. You can watermark on the Images to have your own copyright.

F) Tips: You can mention any tips or variations or substitutions for your recipe. This will be very useful for your readers.

G) You can mention what goes well with your recipe and time required to prepare.

6) Any Article/Post should not be copied from other websites/sources. All copied content will be deleted without informing the Author, even if it was approved before

Still have questions about

Email us your questions at webmaster[ATTHERATE]exposeknowledge.com. Replace [ATTHERATE] with @ symbol.

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