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Why crocodiles swallow stones?

August 10, 2010   by: Kumaresh    Points :2   Category :General Knowledge    
Dear friends,

Do you know crocodiles swallow stones. Why they do so?


Author: kalyani           
Posted Date: 08/11/2010     Points: 2    

I think they swallow stones to help them in digesting food and also the stones add more weight to the body which enables them to dive deeper in water and stay submerged!

Also, the reason would be that the crocs cannot chew their food to small bits, they can only tear and swallow large pieces of food. The stones act as crusher to grind the food in their stomach.

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Author: Mathi           
Posted Date: 08/11/2010     Points: 1    

I think It is helps to prevent ulcer from its acetic liquid .


Author: abid areacode           
Posted Date: 08/13/2010     Points: 1    

I agree with Kalyani's reply regarding the digesion process.Some animals have some adaptation like this to digest the food they take in.

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