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How to make our country corruption free?

August 15, 2010   by: Kumaresh    Points :2   Category :Current Affairs    
Dear Friends,

What steps should be taken to make our country corruption free?

Please share your views.


Author: meensatwork           
Posted Date: 08/15/2010     Points: 6    

It is a good question for which we are searching the answer for long time.

1.I think the first and foremost step to reduce corruption is to make our judicial system stronger.Presently our judicial system is so good that it took more than 20 years to give the verdict in Bhopal gas tragedy.If our judicial system is like this,how we can except quick actions in cases involving corruption.

2.There should be a fight for corruption similar to the fight for our freedom.But i don't know whether these things will be possible?

3.A new party should form government in every state so that it will take some time for them to know about corruption.So during that period we can expect a corruption free state.

Unless all the people fight for corruption, it cannot be demolished.

Author: Shrihari Sawant           
Posted Date: 08/16/2010     Points: 3    

I don't think it is possible to make our country free from corruption.
If you see our History corruption in India is like heredity in the blood of any body so called leaders.
This corruption itself has made the Mughals and British to rule and ruin India.
The same thing is being carried even today which has to some extend put the breaks on prosperity and development of our Country.

Set your Goal in Life and Move towards it
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