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Why Children are Talkative ?

September 08, 2010   by: Mathi    Points :2   Category :Lifestyle    
Why Children are Talkative?
How they continuously talking always. If starts to talk...no chance to stop..nonstop talk.
share your views pl.

Author: rockstar           
Posted Date: 09/08/2010     Points: 4    

Children are very talkative because they have no tension and responsibility and they love sharing their thoughts and asking questions to know new things.

As a child i saw also talkative but when we grow the stress factor in our fast life increases and we may often talk very less. Such changes occur as we grow up . We never feel any such thing in childhood we always are happy when we are small thats why people say childhood is the best part of life.

Author: kalyani           
Posted Date: 09/08/2010     Points: 2    

For children, talking usually means they are learning to listen to their own various sounds and learning about various things.

The basic need to talk so much in children is mainly due to curiosity to learn about each and every thing that they see and experience.

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Author: Mathi           
Posted Date: 09/08/2010     Points: 1    

very interesting ....


Author: joeldgreat           
Posted Date: 02/03/2011     Points: 4    

Children often times ask too many questions. One reason why they keep on talking. Another might be that they want to have all the attentions from people in thier sorroundings. Or maybe they are just talkative and doesn't know yet the protocol of healthy conversation. Or maybe they are simply enjoying they little earned knowledge about something. No matter it is, i think that every parents should listen to every word that comes out of our childrens mouth.

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Author: ushakiran           
Posted Date: 02/04/2011     Points: 3    

A talkative child is an intelligent child.It is only those children who are curious and are bursting with some news or the other , that talk all the time.They want to learn and also ask, so they talk..It is really interesting to listen to small children talking to each other, amusing but at the same time we get to know the child and how it would shape up as an adult..

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