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Negative points introduced

December 16, 2010   by: Webmaster    Points :2   Category :ExposeKnowledge    

Read carefully before you post any

Forum section (Applies to all categories):

1) Please do not post any Duplicate questions in the Forum section.

2) As we observed several members are abusing the site with too many General knowledge questions or GK type questions (Any categories) each day, we are banning any more General knowledge Questions in the Forum section.

Any violation to the above would fetch NEGATIVE points of upto 30 points .

Review section:

1) Please do not post any Duplicate Reviews in the Review section.

2) Proper Description is a must for each Review. Description MUST be in OWN words with atleast 200 characters.

Own and good Description will fetch good points. Copied Description from other sources will not be entertained.

3) Reference URL Must be from the Product website.

For example , If you your post is about LG INFINIA 47LX9500 Television than the reference url must be from LG website (eg reference URL http://www.lg.com/us/tv-audio-video/televisions/LG-led-tv-INFINIA-47LX9500.jsp)

No reference of third party websites should not be given.

Any violation to the above would fetch NEGATIVE points of upto 25 points .

Video Section:

1) Please donot post any Duplicate Videos in the Video section.

2) Proper Description is a Must for each Video. Descrition MUST be in OWN words with atleast 200 characters.

Own and good Description will fetch good points. Copied Description from other sources will not be entertained.

3) Propers Tags are a must for each video. Atleast 2-3 proper tags which describes the Video posted must be given.

Any violation to the above would fetch NEGATIVE points of upto 10 points .

Deal Section:

1) Please donot post any Duplicate Deals in the Deal section.

2) Donot blindly copy/paste the Deals from other sources. Edit the content as necessary. For eg., Donot post the Deal
saying "Our Price". Change it to "Deal Price" or any appropriate content.

3) Proper Description of the Deal in Own words is a Must and Valid URLs are a must.

Any violation to the above would fetch NEGATIVE points of upto 10 points .

Seeking members cooperation


Author: Swethashenoy           
Posted Date: 12/18/2010     Points: 4    

Dear Webmaster

I really appreciate the fact that you have taken this move,I feel this is the first such website to have this negative feature. This will ensure a good processed articles,reviews,deals and videos

I strongly feel that you must introduce the negative points system for comments on articles.If a person gives the same comment for 2 different articles,then you must introduce it.In my articles comment,it has occurred that a person replied the same comment.

Hope you will look into this matter.


Swetha Shenoy
"Where there is a will,there is a way!"
Author: Webmaster           
Posted Date: 12/19/2010     Points: 2    

Hi Swetha,

Ya..I too have the same concern..and we have implemented something to stop it automatically..If you find such members doing malpractice, I request all the members to send the username and url by mail or message and leave rest on us...

Author: S. Chowdhury           
Posted Date: 12/19/2010     Points: 1    

Thanks Webmaster for implementing stricter rules. I hope this would stop the rush of posting whatever available content from anywhatsoever source without one's own inputs and in any way possible to earn points super fast than what normally it would take if the required details are provided.
I'm not sure though whether it would stop people from making thousand unanswered posts in forums as I see people posting in triple bulks to cover the negative points.
But if more such steps are taken, then I believe it'd benefit the site eventually in maintaining an overall standard of high quality that every such site aspires of.
As far as the above complaint is concerned I have also noticed this thing. For example, if I comment on an article like, "Very nice article, thank you, keep writing like this." and copy it and post it for 50 different articles with minor changes here or there, then it can earn 50 easy points. Unfortunately this practice is going on, diluting the positive impact that comments from fellow members does make to the efforts of the author. So dealing with this issue is also required.
Also I must add that some members are producing real quality contents, in articles and other things and even in the forum as well, so at the end of the day I'm quite sure that quality will prevail.
Thanks and Regards.

"Earn Money Always The Honest Possible Way."
Author: Mathi           
Posted Date: 12/19/2010     Points: 1    

great WM I was waiting for this long day before...
thanks for implementing....


Author: rockstar           
Posted Date: 12/22/2010     Points: 4    

Thanx a lot webmaster for introducing this step as i was always concerned about people earning without hard work by just copy pasting from other forums and now due to negative points such people will fear to copy and post here.

Webmaster we all here are to work hard and earn money and at the same time make exposeknowledge a successful site so get we all get more benefits in future. I hope from now people doing true hard work here will be able to get more benefits.

Author: joeldgreat           
Posted Date: 12/28/2010     Points: 3    

Copying works by others is a clear violation of this site's guidelines. It would be better to remove such user from the system.

Members should be aware of the consequences of their actions in such sites as this. If "they" want to copy others work, then let it be. But, if caught then don't argue and live with its consequence.

>>>>This Too, Shall Pass!!!<<<<
Author: Raj the Tora           
Posted Date: 01/03/2011     Points: 1    

According to me, copying in any form is a severe crime. This is a good step towards anti-plagiarism campaign. Thanks.

Author: Raj the Tora           
Posted Date: 01/03/2011     Points: 5    

Similarly, severe action should be taken against those who act irresponsibly by copying the content, just rephrasing a word here and there and then publishing as though it has been produced by their own grey cells. Their points should be given back to those rightful owners,if they can be found. It is nice to get the points from the copycat, which will motivate the original content writer and also deter such thieves. Those who regularly do this practice should also be terminated from being in the community. They can be blacklisted (as done by the credit rating companies) and informed in other communities also, so that nobody would even think to copy again. Thanks.

Author: greenleaf           
Posted Date: 01/07/2011     Points: 1    

All these are neat and clear and rewards those who really love to write.Copy work and repetition is a waste of precious time for the reader.

Author: ushakiran           
Posted Date: 01/07/2011     Points: 2    

I am a new member here and I am just about familiarising myself with the rules of this site. This post has been very useful to me, since it gives me all the relevant details needed to post here.thanks a lot !

" Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower " ...
Author: joeldgreat           
Posted Date: 01/13/2011     Points: 3    

To WM: I have some concern about negative points.

If I reach 1000 points and was awarded the $3.00 bonus. But after several days, I found our that the points was deducted to my previous points which now brings to my total points below 1000. My question is does the $3.00 bonus be deducted too?

>>>>This Too, Shall Pass!!!<<<<
Author: Webmaster           
Posted Date: 01/13/2011     Points: 1    

Hi joeldgreat,

Yes..Its depend upon the recent total points..

Author: joeldgreat           
Posted Date: 01/27/2011     Points: 3    

Thank you very much. I just reached my 1000 points and got the $3.00 bonus. I just hope that I can continue with this rate I'm doing right now as this is one of the easiest way to earn money as compared to the other article writing sites that I joined. Really, very easy to reached a thousand points here.

>>>>This Too, Shall Pass!!!<<<<
Author: winindia           
Posted Date: 02/01/2011     Points: 2    

This is a Very Good Initiative taken By webmaster which will help our site to get spam messages and our PR will increase with proper things and proper information

Author: Mann Acharya           
Posted Date: 02/07/2011     Points: 1    

Nice Great !!!!!!!!

Author: bmthepro           
Posted Date: 02/10/2011     Points: 4    

I want to know if the negative points system is still in effect? I ask this because when I entered forum for some help and thought of searching if a post with similar query exists first , I was bamboozled by all those questions right in front of my nose like do you know who invented this or do you know how to do that etc . I want to urge the webmaster to take necessary steps so that the habit of making these kind of post dies out and also see to it that old posts with similar useless content are deleted to make the forum a better experience for serious posters . Regards .

The shame is not ni not knowing , its in not trying to find out .
Author: Webmaster           
Posted Date: 02/10/2011     Points: 2    

Yes..Negative points is still exist....You might have noticed those questions got -ve points.

Closing this thread. as I guess no need to discus anymore and will be good for exposeknowledge.com and for our serious members.

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