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What are the advantages and disadvantages of new communication?

December 29, 2010   by: Bhavik    Points :2   Category :General Knowledge    
What are the advantages and disadvantages of new communication?

Author: vs           
Posted Date: 12/29/2010     Points: 3    

Hi Bhavik,

I am not able to understand your question. Can you get some more explanatory like what type of new communication are you talking about?



Author: greenleaf           
Posted Date: 01/08/2011     Points: 1    

People have lost patience, they want to know everything at a time and are hooked on to their mobiles forever. A major waste of time.

Author: Krunal Dabhi           
Posted Date: 01/08/2011     Points: 15    


Communication is the process whereby speech, signs or actions transmit information from one person to another. This definition is concise and definitive but doesn't include all the aspects of communication. There are other definitions, which state that communication involves transmitting information from one party to another. This broader definition doesn't require that the receiving party obtain a full understanding of the message. Of course, communication is better when both parties understand... but it can still exist even without that component.

Advantages of Communication

There are a number of advantages of communications like your interaction with people is increased. It increases your networking and your reference group span is also increased. Communications has shortened the large distances and has made this world a global village. There are various modes of communications and each has its own advantages. As you have given the example of email therefore, I will like to elaborate more on electronic communication. Basically electronic communication like emails provide a very fast speed of transmission and just in a couple of seconds you can deliver your message to any person in any part of the world.

Communication also allows versatility of messages like a fax machine can transmit graphics, artwork, number and anything. You can transfer important documents through emails. It also provides accuracy because of the instant message checking in the electronic circuits. Like the verbal communication, electronic communication also facilitates feedback exchange. Moreover, you can also make email groups through which important notifications can be sent to the people via emails. This practice is widely common in companies.

Disadvantages of Communication

There are several disadvantages and the main one is miscommunication. In other words, what the listener hears is often not what is meant. The simplest words, for example, have a different connotation for people. Psychologists trace it to one's upbringing, social status, family and friends, etc.
Generally speaking, men are adverse to expressing their feelings, and hide behind enthusiastic talk about sports, women and cars. Women are often more observant and intuitively separate the truth in a conversation from the crap.

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