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Which sport use the terms Ace, double fault, smash, second service and Game point?

May 17, 2011   by: Sushila S Iyengar    Points :2   Category :Sports    
Which sport use these terms Ace, double fault, smash, second service and Game point?

Author: gaurisood           
Posted Date: 05/18/2011     Points: 1    

I guess it is Tennis .

Author: Joina           
Posted Date: 05/18/2011     Points: 10    

Tennis is the sport use the terms Ace, double fault, smash, second service and Game point.

Ace - An ace is when you or your opponent make a winning serve. Although this
is not mentioned within the game, it may be helpful when bragging about your
last serve.

Double Fault - If you fault on your first serve and fault again on the second,
it is called a Double Fault. Double Faults are not good, since the opponent
gets the point. Try to prevent this by being careful with your second serve.

Smash - An overhead smash is the best move to make when you want to
beat your opponent. Using A, and when the ball is just above you, you can
smash the ball out of the air and make it pound down on the opponent's side,
giving him something to chase after. Smashes can be hard to do, so practice
when you get closer to the net. Lobs can be smashed, but this is very hard,
even if it results in almost a sure win.

Second Service - The second service is exactly like a service except it is your
second try. If you miss your first serve and it is called a Fault, you must do
another serve called the second serve. Make sure you get your second serve in,
because another Fault or Double Fault is one point for your opponent.

POINT - A point is just one point in a game. (0, 15, 30, 40)

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