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In India, only cricket is being given much importance compared to other sports and games..

May 20, 2011   by: Sushila S Iyengar    Points :2   Category :Sports    
In India, only cricket is being given much importance compared to other sports and games. The cricket players are also paid enormously and awarded in addition to that.

Author: Joina           
Posted Date: 05/21/2011     Points: 2    

I don't know the reason why Indians give more importance to cricket than all other sports and games. We all should give equal importance to all other games like football, tennis, badminton etc. Otherwise these kinds of games will move away from India.

Author: SP           
Posted Date: 05/21/2011     Points: 5    

Irony of the story is hockey is our national sports and not cricket but it seems that we have got one education to watch and know cricket. Hockey we watch when India and Pakistan plays otherwise I don't watch hockey. It is the task of the government to encourage sports and create awareness about the sports. Today when Olympics happens we appreciate ourselves of bringing mere 10 gold while China is not happy after wining 200 gold.
The government needs to built infrastructure and attract private players to compete with cricket. That is the reason I don't watch IPL because some how I feel those sports are getting more deprived because of this.

Author: Prasanth Kallay           
Posted Date: 07/22/2011     Points: 2    

Yes, it it true. In India cricket is considered a religion. Cricket is played in every part of the country. It is played by the rich and the poor. Even a child dreams to become a Sachin one day! What to speak about the striving cricketer who dreams to play for India?

Author: butterflygirl           
Posted Date: 08/17/2011     Points: 3    

Really? In my country, cricket is basically unheard of. The most popular sport would be basketball. Basketball players are paid high amounts and have the privileges anyone would want to have. But I guess, cricket players just happened to be paid well because they are really good, right? I guess it adds honor to the country then. :)

Author: ushakiran           
Posted Date: 08/17/2011     Points: 3    

I agree that it is very unfair.here the only consideration is monetary.The importance is given because Cricket has become famous in all common wealth countries and there is a lot of money involved and everybody wants to be a part of the booty! It is like anywhere else in India,greed and politicisation of a game...we can see that several politicians are also closely involved with cricket..

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