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Should reservation quota system be banned in India ?

June 13, 2011   by: gaurisood    Points :2   Category :Current Affairs    
Do you think having different types of reservation quotas - minority community quota,OBC quota,qota for SCs,STs in jobs ,admissions etc is benificial?
Or is such quota only responsible for dividing society and leading to selection not based on merit ?

Author: Lion           
Posted Date: 06/13/2011     Points: 4    

These quotas may divide the people of India. God has given the same knowledge to all. But we are not using our knowledge properly. So there is no need of quotas. The jobs should be given to those who use their knowledge effectively. I think there should be quotas for physically challenged people. They should be given more reservation in all fields. Whatever it may be, with quotas many people are getting benefits. We should think about that part also.

Author: rekhas           
Posted Date: 06/13/2011     Points: 3    

I would suggest to remove all reservations. There are men and women, the two different genders that god made. Rest all differences are made by man. Hence, when these days, we consider women to be equal to men, why demand for reservation. Then, when women do not want a reservation, there is no need for others to claim a reservation on grounds of being weaker sections. People should be getting a preference based on their merit.

Author: ushakiran           
Posted Date: 06/14/2011     Points: 5    

Reservation as a system came into being because of some valid reasons. The problem was the manner in which it has been implemented.I personally feel that giving financial help to poor students who perform well regardless of caste and religion is a step in the right direction. However , the system we have now is a curse . There is reservation in every single field including where promotions are concerned. here performance and personal capabilities take a back seat and people who do not come under the reservation category feel disillusioned and would lose interest in bettering their performances..

" Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower " ...
Author: gaurisood           
Posted Date: 06/14/2011     Points: 7    

According to me also it is high time that the reservation system should be removed .Instead selection should be based purely on merit and not your caste,religion etc. Most of those identified under OBC category are amongst the richest in India so in what way are they backward that they should be getting these privelages.
Especially in a country where there is so much competition ,it puts more pressure and frustration in the minds of students in "General category " since most of these seats are hogged by undeserving but reserved candidates . I myself had sat some years back in an entrance test of a very prestigious engg college in India. And when the results was announced ,a candidate who had obtained zero marks in Chem ,some 15 marks out of 200 in Maths and negative marks in Physics had actually made it !! How he would have eventually cleared his engineering I really dont know .

Author: butterflygirl           
Posted Date: 06/14/2011     Points: 4    

Quota system, in my opinion, is somehow the same with the olden segregation and slavery system. It classifies people according to their race, education level, income, and gender. If this happens, the basic meaning of community is lost- which is diversity, equality and peace. I believe that more people (on the higher society or group) will be tempted to abuse their positions since the gap between the quota is intensified. India would be a better place if everyone is equal and I know a lot of citizens will agree.

Author: SP           
Posted Date: 06/15/2011     Points: 6    

Quota and Reservation system is a waste of talent as per my opinion. If a youngster who is talented more than the boy who belongs to some reserved quota then whose loss is this? I think the country suffers. In India it is prevalent for more then 2 decades. So in my opinion there is need to revisit the draft and revise it to decrease the quota slowly.
If i go back and analyse, way back on 1990 it was introduced and it's been more then 20 years that means a whole generation of weaker section who belongs to this quota have been benefitted. It means at present they have either become self sufficent or may be wealthier and there kids are also getting good education. So it's time to progressively reduce the percentage of quota so that talent comes up.

Author: venkit           
Posted Date: 06/15/2011     Points: 1    

It was to raise people in backward class.
And as per rules it was only for 50 years.
Now there is no need of reservation.

Author: Prasanth Kallay           
Posted Date: 07/22/2011     Points: 2    

I don't think so. It should prevail in such a manner that it gives a good chance for everyone to prove his or her mettle. Policies are the very life of any administration for that matter. I don't see anything wrong with the reservation policy.

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