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Money motivates people more than any other factor at the workplace?

February 19, 2012   by: Mathi    Points :2   Category :Lifestyle    
Money motivates people more than any other factor at the workplace?

Author: AJAY           
Posted Date: 02/23/2012     Points: 5    

There are many factors which motivates an employee in his or her work place like a atmosphere of work place, safety of the work place, nature of work of the work place, timely promotion etc. Among those factors money is definitely one of those factors which motivates an employee to a great extent. The main aim of an employee is to work and earn so that he/she could meet the basic requirements of life like food, clothing and shelter.

As long as these basic factors are available to the employee through his work he or she would be motivated to work. Hence, money is the key factor of motivation in work places together with other factors as mentioned above.

Author: Mathi           
Posted Date: 02/23/2012     Points: 1    

very good opinion AK G


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