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Development programs hardly ever benefit the poor---how?

February 24, 2012   by: Mathi    Points :2   Category :Lifestyle    
Development programs hardly ever benefit the poor , yes/no?

Author: AJAY           
Posted Date: 02/27/2012     Points: 5    

Development programs benefit the poor very slightly. The amount that are proposed for the development of the poor reaches the poor via different channels and by the time it is reached to them it gets reduced in amount. The plans that are announced for the poor get very slowly implemented and sometimes it takes more times than expected and finally when it gets launched we find the rich and middle class take the luxury to enjoy the same. In very rare cases only the poor are benefited and to the extent they are benefited is negligible. Hence, more is required to be done in this regard if we honestly think about benefiting the poor.

Author: Ankit Neerav           
Posted Date: 03/11/2012     Points: 6    

Yes. It is very true. This is due to the large number of middle men involved in taking these programmes to the grass roots. Most govt. officers and clerks cut out a share of the benefits provided to the poor, for themselves. This corruption leads to loss of resources provided by the government for the poor. The end result being that the poor and people in need get nothing of the benefits meant for them. The solution to this is that, cash incentives and donations be provided directly to the poor by the government. After the UID is created and implemented, a bank account should be created for each person below the poverty line, and cash deposited directly in his or her account. This method will not only ensure that all benefits reach the poor directly but will also help root out corruption at all levels.

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