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Post seems to have got slipped

June 30, 2012   by: Abhijit Bangal    Points :2   Category :ExposeKnowledge    
Hello admin,
It looks like the article I submitted a couple of days back has slipped out of your eyes. I take my words back if it is not so. But my article "Review of LG 32LK332 ? the HD LCD TV from LG" has been unreviewed for 2-3 days now. Posts of some other writers have been approved on June 27. Mine is still pending. Please see to it.

Author: Webmaster           
Posted Date: 06/30/2012     Points: 3    

All Members,

Please do not post such question in the forum section...We will review all the articles soon..if your articles is not reviewed in 15-20 days of submitted date than send us message or post in the forum.

We already explained in the FAQ that article reviewed process may take 1-3 days normal process..in some case may take longer.

FYI: None of the article bypass from our editor or me. We do review all the articles. Don't worry about that..I can assure you on this.

Just for your knowledge some member post 20-30+ articles in a day..we can not approve all his/her article in a day and leave rest members posts.

Please cooperate..

Author: Adi           
Posted Date: 06/30/2012     Points: 5    

Initially when I started to post articles here, my articles were approved within 24 hours. But now some of my articles which were submitted on June 27 are not approved yet. But I don't worry about that. I know that editors need more time to review our articles. So I am waiting patiently for the approval of my articles. But I don't forget to post new articles daily. I am posting daily and do not mind about the approval of my old articles. I know that my articles will be approved one day. It may be within 24 hours or it may take more than 5 days. But my job is posting new articles here and I am doing it consistently.

Author: Abhijit Bangal           
Posted Date: 06/30/2012     Points: 4    

Hello admin,
this will be the last such post you are seeing from me. But this had happened with me before that one of the articles I posted had remained quarantined and when I sent a similar post, you approved the article immediately. That article was about the Taiwan hotel. Anyways, I will make it a point to not show impatience. I know what the admin has to go through.
Please do accept my apologies and forgive me for anything if I hurt me anyhow.
Kind regards

Author: sarosh           
Posted Date: 07/01/2012     Points: 3    

I have full confidence in Admin and sometimes he does take more time to review as it happened in my case also.It took some time to review some of my articles and one article is pending since 15 day's now .Though this is quite a long time, i do believe that it will be reviewed within a day or two for sure

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