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Expose Knowledge Admin....Plz do not remove my post....

September 01, 2012   by: SandeepSunnyJasrotia    Points :2   Category :ExposeKnowledge    
I have submitted two posts regarding the issue that the site is so slow.Both the sites Expose knowledge is on the lazy track...
They removed my both posts...It means that they are hiding the lack of action.
Thats the biggest reason that they do not have much members and most of the members not active....
Admin...plz if you need any help in moderation then I can do the work for you..I have sent you the personal message bt you did not replied....I also want to make your sites better...So plz do not remove this post....And give the response....Smile...

Author: Webmaster           
Posted Date: 09/01/2012     Points: 3    


Sorry to say yes we are very slow sometimes and for some user. There is nothing to hide about it.

And I dont see any discussion can happen on this topic..many times we have given the explanation on the same.

And more than that you have asked us to delete your profile which will be deleted soon. (We will remove all you posts)

For all members: Please DO NOT post such topics in the forum section why approval process is slow? How much time will it take to approve articles? etc. We will delete such posts.

If you have any such concern please message me instead of asking or flooded forum post in the forum section.

Sorry if you/any members feel this comments is harsh.

Locking this thread

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