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Discontinue Deals and Videos Sections

February 22, 2014   by: Webmaster    Points :2   Category :ExposeKnowledge    
Hi All,

We decided to discontinue Deals and Videos sections from www.exposeknowledge.com from immediate effect as this section does not add value to this website.

All the point gained by Deals and Videos section (Feb 22, 2014) will not be affected and will be added to the total earned points.



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Is there any way to find if the deal or video is already posted?

Is limitation needed on the number of deals/videos posted per day?
Your suggestions are needed on this.

Deals section
The new section, which is introduced, is nice. (One minor issue-The spelling at the top of the page which opens, reads "Delas"-Please correct)

Will the webmaster be posting the deals or is it open to anybody?

Provide a deleting options for Deals
I opened a new tab for checking and I forgot to close. Further I submitted on the test page, but it was not submitted. Then I went back and I saw There are so many Deals were entered. please provide an delete option there.

sorry for the trouble

Is Review needed for Deals also?
Hello Webmaster,
I think Deals section accepts posts automatically.I found a deal titled "A view of facebook and google offices" which is not explaining any deal and taking it to a person''s blog.Please remove these kind of posts irrelavant to the topic.

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