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2captcha.com - a site to earn money online

October 10, 2014   by: Joina    Points :2   Category :Technology    
Captcha works are possible online. What is your opinion about 2captcha.com for earning money? Is it a legit site?

Author: anil gupta           
Posted Date: 10/10/2014     Points: 1    

i am listening first time from you, plz write in detail about this site. i wort you about one survey site from which i earned and also get paid 50$.

Author: Joina           
Posted Date: 10/14/2014     Points: 7    

Captcha works are data entry works which we can do online. According to the members opinion these sites are genuine and payment process is very clear. Here you can earn $1 for 1000 keystroke if you can type without mistakes. It is a best site for people who have good typing skill. Captcha entry work is a process of converting captcha image into text format for the use of web. I think that 2captcha.com is a new captcha site to do online data entry jobs. We can download the captcha software to do this job offline. I did these kinds of job earlier but I couldn't continue the job because of some personal issues. The problem of this job is that sometimes we can't understand the images coming on the screen.

Actually I have plan to do more jobs and earn handful of money. But now the situation is totally against me. I will ask you you stands for Anil) about this survey site when I become free.

Author: anil gupta           
Posted Date: 10/15/2014     Points: 3    

i read about this type of job. indeed it is very hard to understand captcha images. i am a professional typist but at present i am not doing typing work. i recd 5$ from Ayuwage. Most of PTC sites have some problem with paypal. if you know tell me which money transfer site, other than paypal is suitable for we indians. Thanks

Author: Joina           
Posted Date: 10/15/2014     Points: 6    

I also have paypal account. But I didn't get the money from keyforcash.com once. After that I stopped all my online jobs which transfer money into the paypal account. I understood that it is time waste. Some captcha sites transfer money into our bank account. So I have plan to do some captcha works if I get the money into my bank account. Paisa.com is a very famous money transferring site now. But I am not familiar with that site. I don't know whether this site is available for Indian people. If you won't give your pancard number and bank account details into your paypal account, they won't receive money from any sites. Sometimes that may be the reason for not getting money from PTC sites. So please check your paypal account and find out whether you have given all necessary information into your paypal account.

Author: laratomb           
Posted Date: 05/19/2016     Points: 4    

I am not sure about the one that you have specified. There are many legitimate ways to make money online.You can earn through internet by writing blogs,articles,ad-sense,affiliate marketing and other such business.I suggest reselling business is a good way to earn through online.By becoming a reseller with [URL=http://www.goresellers.com/]Goresellers.com[URL]you
can start selling web related services.It is very easy to make a good turnover because the cost for each service is fixed by reseller.

They are legit as far as I went through the reviews and legitimacy checking sites like Scamadviser.com

Author: anil gupta           
Posted Date: 08/22/2016     Points: 1    

Gorsellers is paid site if you know about any free site than post URL here. Thanks

Author: Pankaj Sharma           
Posted Date: 10/31/2017     Points: 1    

There are lots of website who claim best site for online earning.
I am listing first time about this site.

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2captcha.com - a site to earn money online
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