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What is your satisfaction

August 29, 2015   by: AJAY    Points :2   Category :Others    
Certain activities in life brings enough satisfaction. We dont care whether these activities are related with monetary gains or not. For example worshipping God or listening to music, etc. I get satisfaction after completing a piece of article on any given day. What brings you satisfaction?

Author: Joina           
Posted Date: 09/03/2015     Points: 3    

My most interesting hobby is flower making. If I can make at least one flower a day, I will be very happy. I will get satisfaction if I can make a tasty food for my family members as well as for our guests. I also get satisfaction when I write something in money making sites online. Hearing beautiful songs in my mothertongue also give more satisfaction to me. I get satisfaction when I spend time with my children.

Author: anil gupta           
Posted Date: 09/04/2015     Points: 3    

I am 54 years old disable person. I am almost satisfied with my life. Here is not one this which give us satisfaction. If decide to do any task in day if we complete it, it gave us satisfaction. My routine life is very simple. By 10 in morning I went to my shop and come back about 7 PM. After some rest and dinner I done some online work. So noting special for me. Neither I am satisfied nor I am dissatisfied.

Author: anil gupta           
Posted Date: 09/04/2015     Points: 1    

Joina and Ajay I wants that you share with me for which site your writing. I am also interested in writing.

Author: AJAY           
Posted Date: 09/05/2015     Points: 3    

Joina, nice to learn about your spare time activities and all those you mentioned above are really interesting. Anil bhai, nice to hear from you as well. About writing, I dont write much these days for other sites except for my blogs. I find out time to contribute there at least two articles in a week.

Author: Joina           
Posted Date: 09/06/2015     Points: 3    

Ajay, thank you for your appreciation for my posting. Anil, I have plan to write articles in some other sites which give money for us. But I do not have time now to spend because of my two little children. Now they are too small to go to school. So I concentrate now only in exposeknowledge. In future, I have to find out some legit sites to write articles.

Author: anil gupta           
Posted Date: 09/06/2015     Points: 3    

joina and Ajay you both are writing some articles. if you life that upload yours published article at wikkinut. You need not to any more. you will get payment on the basis of views. Upload published articles and forgot these. You will earn when you sleeping. Although it is slow site but you will lose.
Give me your's eamil ID so I will send you message to join.

Author: AJAY           
Posted Date: 09/07/2015     Points: 3    

Anil bhai, Personally I dont rely much on websites that pays on page views. It would be a long and tedious process for an average writer like me. Rather I believe writing for EK would be a wise and safe decision for EK still pays better than this average sites. And EK has the brand name and goodwill that could push any average author like me ahead.

Author: anil gupta           
Posted Date: 09/07/2015     Points: 2    

Ajay I am not asking you to write any fresh article for this site. Article which you wrote for EK upload these at wikkinut. You will lose nothing. I am doing it.

Author: Joina           
Posted Date: 09/08/2015     Points: 2    

My paypal account is not transferring money. Ao I stop all the jobs that pay money on this account. I think that wikkinut also pays money on this account. So it is waste if I spend time for this site.

Author: anil gupta           
Posted Date: 09/10/2015     Points: 2    

Why your paypal is transferring. As I know it is best one for we Indian. Other like payza and some others are not useful for. Wikkinut is also paying by payza. Check it. It is better for you that you slove you problem with Paypal. It is working well here.

Author: AJAY           
Posted Date: 09/14/2015     Points: 3    

As far as I know, that TOS of this website clearly mentions that contents of the website should not be shared any where without prior consent of the web masters as these are copyright property of this website. Hence, if the motive behind joining another website is to share the articles from here, I believe everyone should think twice before doing so.

Author: anil gupta           
Posted Date: 09/15/2015     Points: 1    

Thanks for kind information.

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