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Good sleep during night

August 31, 2015   by: AJAY    Points :2   Category :Lifestyle    
I lack good sleep during the night. One trick I have heard that works is counting backwards from 100 to 1. Do you know any other tricks, please share ...

Author: anil gupta           
Posted Date: 09/02/2015     Points: 4    

Good and sound sleep is essential like water food and air to breath. One should be sleep at least 8 hours in a day. I have problem of sleeplessness for 20 years. I also tries this trick but it is not effective for me. You must be tried it. We have to concentrait on sleeping and counting is best to focus. If you want good sleep don't watch TV and work of computer before one hours you going to sleep. Reading some book is also helpful in good sleep. Listen light music and also do some meditation before going to sleep. Never use sleeping pills.

Author: Joina           
Posted Date: 09/03/2015     Points: 8    

Avoid tensions and worries. If you are in tension, you cannot sleep properly. Hearing your favorite songs are one of the best ways to get a sound sleep for you. Do not take heavy dinner. You cannot sleep well, if your stomach is full because of indigestions. Eat light food three hours before you go to bed. If you sleep a long time during daytime, you cannot get sleep during night. Taking bath in lukewarm water just before you go to bed is another way to get a good sleep. Drinking water by adding honey before your bedtime is a good way to get proper sleep. You can sleep very well, if your body is tired. Walking, cycling, swimming, jogging, playing outdoor games etc are some of the ways to make your body get tired. You will get proper sleep if you do any of the above exercises for a long time. Remembering of sweet happenings in your life during your bedtime is also a best way to get good sleep. You cannot sleep well,if the climate is too hot as well as too cold. In hot climate use fan or air conditioner. If the climate is cold, do not forget to wear warm clothes.

Author: AJAY           
Posted Date: 09/05/2015     Points: 6    

Those are indeed very useful tips for proper sleep. Yes, it has become a habit with me to think about something or the other while in bed. I try not to think but the mind is not in my control. Sometimes it drags me to my younger days while at other times it compels me to think about things which I should not now. Often during the weekend nights, I spent time watching and listening old songs in youtube that somewhat relates to my past. I deleted whatsapp, youtube and fm apps from my mobile now to get relief but still not much help. Of late, I gave up exercise because I already do a lot of field work during the day. That could be one reason for my sleeplessness and poor health conditions. Would try to begin my routine exercise (as I am habituated since childhood) in the morning soon and hope things get back to normalcy once again for me.

Author: Joina           
Posted Date: 09/06/2015     Points: 2    

If I work hard during day time, I will fall in sleep very soon during night. I do not know the reason why you cannot sleep at night even if you work hard during the day. If we have body pain or mental disturbances, we cannot get proper sleep at night. Do you have such problems?

Author: anil gupta           
Posted Date: 09/06/2015     Points: 1    

Only listen song don't watch and if possible listen songs on radio. Keep away your smart phone from you. Drink half glass of warm milk with gur.

Author: AJAY           
Posted Date: 09/07/2015     Points: 3    

I presume its because I have given up the regular quota of exercise. Yes, I have become a victim of severe muscle ache and crampings which sometimes become unbearable. I have decided to start weight lifting as I had been doing for years. Will let you all know the differance if any after a fortnight interval.

Author: Joina           
Posted Date: 09/08/2015     Points: 3    

Restart your regular quota of exercise as soon as possible and be healthy always. Exercise is a best medicine that can protect us from almost all the diseases. We can see that people who do exercise daily are always smart and energetic. Yoga can also cure diseases from us. There are some yoga exercises that can remove muscle pain and cramping. Search online and find out suitable yoga exercise that can protect you from bodyache.

Author: anil gupta           
Posted Date: 09/10/2015     Points: 2    

I have also problem of cramp and muscle pain. But when I start breath exercise (Pranayam). I have relife. I am giving only 10 minutes in morning. you also tried it. I am sure that you will also get relief from you cramp problem. Good luck

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