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When you choose your friends

September 21, 2015   by: Joina    Points :2   Category :Lifestyle    
Choose friends who make you feel confidence and who help you in your needs. There is nothing better than being surrounded by good friends. Isn't it?

Author: anil gupta           
Posted Date: 09/25/2015     Points: 2    

Yes I am agree everyone must have one or two close friends. When we meet some one frequentily than after some some special bonding develop in between. It is process of selection of friends. It is natural.We are sharing our views here for long time, so we are friends, virtual friends.

Author: Joina           
Posted Date: 09/28/2015     Points: 7    

We meet so many people in our daily life. Some of them become our friends. We cannot accept everybody as our friends if ones character and attitude are extremely different from ours. Be careful when we choose our friends. If we are surrounded with good friends, we can lead a good life and we will get respect and recognition from others. True friends are real gifts in our life. If we get bad friends who always lead you in wrong ways, you will lose your value in the society. People who get lots of good friends are always lucky. They can succeed in life. An old adage says "a man is known by the company he keeps". By choosing whom we take on as our friends we are charting our own destiny. It is very important to be surrounded with positive people. One important thing we have to learn in life is that we should decide clearly as to whom we want to hang around with. This is a crucial thing because our friends will decide what kind of life we will have.

Author: anil gupta           
Posted Date: 09/29/2015     Points: 3    

You are very serious about friendship. But it is my opinion relation of friend ship is not much important that decide our life. More relation in our life is important. Our family member also important for us. Can you break your relation with family member for a friend. I cann't. For me other relation is also important.

Author: Joina           
Posted Date: 10/06/2015     Points: 4    

You are right. Always give prime importance to our family members. Blood is thicker than water. But man is a social animal. A family cannot live without depending others. If we have good friends in our neighborhood, they are always ready to help us when we face any serious problems. We need the corporation of other people around us.If we can maintain a healthy relationship with those people whose character is somewhat alike with our character, our life will go smooth without any difficulty.

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