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Heart Attack - Silent in Diabetic

October 16, 2015   by: Joina    Points :2   Category :Lifestyle    
If you are a diabetic patient, beware of silent attack. Some 10 to 12 percent of all heart attacks are painless or silent, but this figure doubles in the case of diabetics.

Author: anil gupta           
Posted Date: 10/16/2015     Points: 3    

I am not diabetic but I have BP problem, it because of my life style. I am not doing any physical work. I am spending whole day in sitting posture. On the name physical work I am using try cycle rikshwa, So in whole I drive it 4 to 5KM. But it is not enough. Good thing is my eating habit. I am not buff of tea cold drinks (cola pepsi etc) and fast food. My principal it eat less chew more. Be healthy.

Author: Joina           
Posted Date: 10/29/2015     Points: 6    

But all people are not like you. Most of the people, especially the new generations prefer to eat tasty food. They always like to eat hotel food than home made food. Hotel food is always oily and spicy. These types of food are very harmful for our body. Healthy food and regular exercise are the best way to control our body from so many diseases. India is said to be the diabetic capital of the world. Currently, 62 million people are affected by diabetic in this country. India is facing an epidemic of diabetes because of ethnic and genetic predisposition. Diabetic is equivalent to coronary artery disease and so diabetic need to take preventive steps including administration of drugs such as aspirin and statins as in the case of those with coronary artery diseases.

Author: anil gupta           
Posted Date: 10/29/2015     Points: 2    

I am agree with you. New generation like to junk food. It is duty of parents to explain them adverse affects of junk foods. Discipline in every field is must including eating habits. Children are innocent but parents are not.

Author: Joina           
Posted Date: 10/30/2015     Points: 3    

Small children are always innocent. They do not know what is right and what is wrong. But I do not think that all grown up children are innocent. If children are innocent, they are always ready to obey the words of their parents. Some children do what they want to do. They give least importance to the words of others. If situation is like this, we cannot judge the parents because they are helpless.

Author: anil gupta           
Posted Date: 10/30/2015     Points: 2    

I m agree with you at present children are very smart. But if we care when children are small then we can teach them about healthy eating habits. If children are not listening but we can leave them on their recent. We will keep trying. Love has power.

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