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Developing Your Inner Will Power

July 19, 2013  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.80   Views: 1208

Developing our willpower is very essential since it helps us grow as individuals and also have better control over our actions...


Everybody talks about developing will power and self control, but it needs strength and also dedication and endurance. Patience and also willing to take up tasks that may be uninteresting but doing it with the same amount of dedication shows ones inner strength. This comes only with patience and fortitude. A strong individual with strong will power does not get easily swayed. Research and studies show that by controlling small patterns of behavior you are exercising your control and your overall willpower will improve.

Here are some simple ways on how to increase your will power and develop self control.

1,Be disciplined in everything you do - Suppose you come home from work feeling dead tired and all you want to do is flop down on the bed instead of taking a shower, make it a point to shower first before you decide to do anything else. Discipline should to be taught to children while they are still young.

2, Make time for yourself - There are times when life can get rough draining your spirit and mental reserves. Instead of fretting, take some time off to calm yourself and do something that you love doing like reading or listening to some soothing music or even clearing out the wardrobe and rearranging clothes , even if it's only for a few minutes or for a couple of hours. But do take that time off before hitting reality again. This definitely helps because you get into a more positive frame of mind and are able to function better and with more clarity towards the problem at hand.

3, Be aware and sympathetic to others - I see most people living in their own world of make belief with utter disregard for their immediate surroundings. Suppose if you are travelling by public transport and an elderly or physically challenged person comes in, get up and give them your seat which shows a positive and compassionate side of your personality and also makes you feel happier. Overcoming the resistance in your mind will help you develop control over your thoughts and actions.

4, Push yourself harder - When a particular work is demanding one might feel that he/she can take no more of the drudgery and want to quit . Instead if you push yourself for five more minutes beyond your limits before quitting the job at hand , you have actually taken a huge step forward in mastering your mind. Each time you do this your mental strength grows and you are able to finish any job with ease.

5, Spiritualism helps - Developing a spiritual practice such as chanting or meditation gives you the power to observe your own mind. Meditation calms your nerves and also gives you time to introspect your own self and actions.

6, Be fit - Doing some regular exercise such as yoga or going o the gym or taking a brisk walk will help your system by regulating your heartbeat, blood pressure and hormonal levels. This also releases feel-good enzymes in the brain, which facilitate mental strength. All in exercise is a must for healthy living, it keeps you mentally and physically toned and fit.

7, Try to overcome hunger - When we are hungry we find it very difficult to control hunger pangs , ending up eating whatever is available easily. By delaying the food intake by 5-10 minutes you are able to overcome hunger to some extent . Better still, distract yourself with some other activity and you will see your will power develop over time and you are able to withstand hunger for a longer period of time.

8, Be Positive - Learn to develop a positive mindset. We can see that the biggest stumbling block in developing will power is having a negative attitude or a lack of faith in oneself. Learn to be positive both to yourself and to other people. Positivity like exercise is extremely important for a health.

9, Be patient with Negative people - Some people can be very hurtful and the natural tendency is to retaliate and be hurtful in. But instead if you try and think of something you actually do like about the person or distract yourself from getting into negative mode in your own way , things might change for the better and you may see something positive coming in your relationship with the person as well.. This will not only prevent you from getting into messy situations but will also give you power over negative thinking.

10, Do not procrastinate - If something that requires to be done seems intimidating and uninteresting , divide it into small easy-to-manage parts but do it right away. When we actually examine any job thoroughly and write down the various steps that need to be taken, it becomes much easier to tackle it.

11, Develop Concentration - The practice of developing concentration is of great help to strengthen the will power. You must have an intelligent understanding of your own mind. You must also learn to develop easy and effective methods to control and train your mind. All these are of immense help in developing will power.

12, Be reasonable and fair - While dealing with any matter , make sure that your emotions don't take control of your action thereby forcing you to make an unfair judgment or act in an unreasonable manner. One should be reasonable and fair all the time while dealing with people and situations.


To a large extent Success in life depends on your ability to do what you want to do. If you want to manage your learning and your life, you have to have self-control and will power, so you can decide and then act.

Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 09/13/2013    Points:2    

Pushing oneself and believing that the thing we are doing will eventually happen can give the much needed willpower. And to develop this self-confidence, we must do the thing that we fear doing more.

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