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Making Money through Blogging

July 23, 2013  by: Lovnish Thakur  Points: 12   Category: Blogging  Earning $0.30   Views: 1209

Blogging is a unique way of making money. Paying attention to details will help one establish their hold in the competitive world of online blogging.


Blogging is a unique way of making money online. Gone are the days when only selected few were active in this field and made money through this medium. The advent of technology has made it possible for a commoner to get into the act and make some extra bucks.
However, all said and done making money through blogging is an art and one needs to be well versed with various facts of blogging so as to emerge victorious in this challenging field.

1.) Understand the basics

You need to understand that a typical blog is a combination of videos, graphics and well written text. Take care to make the blog interactive as this attracts the attention of readers to your blog. An interactive blog will bring success to your venture and enable you to remain connected with the masses.

2.) Write in a pleasing tone

The tone of the blog makes all the difference to your presentation. The need is to connect with the reader and ensure that they identify with thoughts that you wish to spread.

3.) Choose the domain name with care

In case you intend to make money from the blog, the choice of niche category matters the most. In case you are intending to promote a product as eye care medicine through the blog the domain name needs to be somewhat like " eyecaremedicine.com". Check the domain name in advance and choose one that matches with your cause.

4.) Blog software

The blog software to be used needs to be chosen with care. A range of blogging software including WordPress and Blogger are available.Check the one that matches your needs with perfection.

These are some of the basics of blogging that need to be taken care of while you decide to blog. Better if you choose topics from your niche interest area as you will be having ample hold of the subject matter.

Author: Decub        
Posted Date: 07/30/2013    Points:7    

Blogging is a very good and legitimate way of making some good money online. It guarantees you steady passive income and you do not need to work all day for you to get the benefits of it. The rate at which you earn however depends on the interest and how positive it affects your readers. It is always advisable to carve out a niche for yourself even before you think of establishing a blog. Discover that which you are happy doing so that you can easily do it without stress or having to consult so many books before you publish any post.

Certain people make money doing what they love doing and invariably, touching lives as well and that is exactly what a good blogger should posses. Each time you see them want to publish a post, it sounds as though they are talking and making reference to some articles but in the real sense, everything comes from their innermost self. That is the spirit of blogging.
Author: aneel        
Posted Date: 08/01/2013    Points:4    

Now a days Blogging is the best way of making money which reliable and secure way to earn. Many people take blogging as there source of income. It is not only the way of making money but also you can advertise and communicate with other people and also easily spread out your point and views around them. I am blogging because it provides several way of making money like Google Adsence, Chitika, Url Shorten services and so on. So if you know about blogging. Just follow above steps and make money without having any delay.
Author: Dhanurdhar        
Posted Date: 08/05/2013    Points:1    

I think you have left out the most important point. Who pays you? Surely someone must pay you if you want to make (or rather earn) money. Am I right?
Author: Lovnish Thakur        
Posted Date: 08/06/2013    Points:1    

There are very many sites Dhanurdhar that pay you regular and passive income for blogging. You can try looking at Helium for a start.
Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 09/02/2013    Points:3    

These days it is getting difficult to earn through blogging unless one has a decent blog with good traffic. But traffic won''t come overnight. There has to be lots of technicalities like SEO and keywords apart from what you mentioned above. With Google getting tough, it is hard for new blogs and sites to come in the search results early.
Author: saugup12        
Posted Date: 09/17/2013    Points:15    

Hi All ,

Are you a housewife or a student or a retired person looking for some extra income from Internet.

Though there are many Genuine Online paying sites but the number of Fake/Fraud sites is very high.(10-15% genuine, others Fake)

So try to avoid wasting your time on these junk/fake sites as I did long time back and try to find some genuine paid sites that really pay for your effort and time.

Although this is not a complete list of all Genuine sites still I have tried to share my research work and will keep it updating further.

Here are some sites and links to make some quick and easy money online(By filling online Surveys and other PTC sites)

1.One of the best in India, PaisaLive.com: http://sh.st/[/RED] 0eqG
I am a member of PaisaLive and would like to recommend it to someone whose is looking for some extra cash. Not too much of money,no false claims,but some extra 2000-3000/month. Only if you do a Genuine job and no cheating.

2.Mginger : http://sh.st/0ewf
3.PointstoShop : http://sh.st/0ewg

Online Surveys and Form filling (Check these sites yourself before registering at them)
1.India Panel Online: http://sh.st/0eq8
2.Indian paid Survey: http://sh.st/0eq9
3.Survey Sam: http://sh.st/0ew0
4.CorpScan (heard some good reviews about them): http://sh.st/0ewq
5.Freeonlinesurveys : http://sh.st/0ewo
6.SurveyMonkey (Good reviews): http://sh.st/0ewp
7.Some more good sites and links,Yahoo.com: http://sh.st/0ews

Nowdays there is a whole new generation of PTC(Paid to Click ) websites , mushrooming up and most of them are FAKE or a SCAM. However not all are fake and some genuine ones do pay you money for clicking Ads,filling forms n surveys ,watching videos etc.

A list of some Genuine PTC sites is as follows (I have done research from my side, however you do your own before joining) :

1.ClickSense: http://sh.st/0efh
Clixsense Features:
Earn up to $ 0.02 Per Click
Earn up to $ 0.01 Per Ref Click
Payout Minimum $6
Guaranteed ads daily
Cheap Quality Advertising
Instant Payment
Payment Processor: Paypal, Payza, Liberty
2.NerdBux: http://sh.st/0e72
NerdBux Features:
Ads: About 20 ads available each day paying $0.001-$0.02 per click
Payout: Low minimum payout, $2.00 to Payza and PayPal.
Complete micro jobs and earn up to $0.10.
Play the NerdGrid and get 25 chances per day to win $0.01-$2.00.
Referrals: Earn 50% on direct referrals and 100% on rented referrals.

3.NeoBux :
NeoBux features:
Earn up to $0.02 Per Click
Earn up to $0.015 Per Ref.Click
Quality Advertising
Guaranteed ads daily
Minimum Payout $2
Instant Payment
Payment Processor: Paypal, Payza

4. DonkeyMail: it is among the list of Genuine PTC Sites, you can click as many ads as possible. You can earn through ptc, paid to read, gpt, paid to signup, offers etc. This is an amazing sites , you can make $8 easily per day without doing much work. No minimum cashout and you can withdraw via payza, paypal, liberty reserve, solidtrust, perfectmoney, Okaypay etc.

5.Clicksia : is also one of the Genuine PTC Site just like Clixsense.They pay up to $0.005 per click and have several ways you can make money from them such as ptc, offers, paid to signup, paid to read email etc. The minimum payout is $1.00 via paypal and payza.The minimum cashout can be reached within 15 minutes.

You can check the reviews and more insight for these PTC sites from below links:
1.Genuine-ptc-web-sites.blogspot.in: http://sh.st/0e8q
2.Best PTC sites: http://sh.st/0e8w
3.PTC websites blog: http://sh.st/0e8r
4.PTC Talk Blog: http://sh.st/0e8h
5.Themoneymaking.com: http://sh.st/0e8g

Some sites providing with articles on ''Online Money-Making and Listing Fraud sites'':
1.Jobs8home: http://sh.st/0eww
2.SurveyPolice: http://sh.st/0ewe
3.About: http://sh.st/0ewr
4.About : http://sh.st/0ewy
5.MySiyvey a Scam? :http://sh.st/0ewi
6.FrugalLiving: http://sh.st/0ewa

Note: As a Thumb Rule any site asking for any kind of payment for membership/registration or not providing data in ''Contact Us'' is likely to be a F ake .(Not always though)

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Making Money through Blogging
Blogging is a unique way of making money. Paying attention to details will help one establish their hold in the competitive world of online blogging.


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