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How to Deal with Office Politics

July 27, 2010  by: S. Chowdhury  Points: 15   Category: Others  Earning $0.75   Views: 1354

Office politics are faced by many people in office, either from colleagues or boss or both. Some steps are mentioned in this article to avoid or deal with such unwanted situations.


Office Politics is nothing new in our society. It is an age-old practice that has been going on even in this supersonic age and will go on till all people become friendly and committed towards each other, which is never going to happen, as this World is not Utopia by any stretch of imagination!

But it is stressful for anybody, as one has to look into these things also along with the worries of daily life and the troubles of a stressful job. Even if anyone does his/her job with utmost sincerity and dedication, it may happen so that someone else steals the credit of it. It is very much frustrating and mentally draining when these things happen again and again. One has to guard against a burnout, which may be the most likely outcome in these kinds of situations.

Many people try to impress and influence their office boss to gain undue advantage and if there is any obstacle to that, then they don't mind even misrepresenting that person. Now if the boss is a kind of person who rewards only sincere, dedicated and efficient subordinates, then it is not a matter of that worry, but if it is not so, then one has to watch out against what some of their other colleagues are trying to do. And that may not help either, as at the end of the day the one that calls the shots is the one that matters.

It is not an easy thing at all to digest, when despite doing all the hard work and slugging it out for hours day in and day out you are subjected to abuse and criticism by your boss and maybe some of your colleagues as well. It can destroy your mental confidence beyond repair! It can be because of various reasons, but one of the commonest of them is professional rivalry. Many people take it lying down; some oppose it or try to counter it, while others just quit. But quitting doesn't guarantee you that you won't get the same treatment elsewhere as well. Therefore it is better to confront such situations and be fearless at those, only then can one overcome such obstacles rather than becoming prey to it.

Following are some steps you can take to counter such situations:

(1) Cordial Relation With Everybody:

Try to maintain cordial relation with your colleagues at work as they are the ones you would be spending most of your time in a day with and a disturbed atmosphere there can hamper your work. Be nice to them and if somebody mistreats you then try to know from that person what was the reason behind such behaviour; and if there was anything wrong in your part then do not forget to say Sorry. But if it was not so then try to know whether he/she was having a hard time at home or elsewhere. Be compassionate and understanding and extend a hand of help if it requires so. But even after such efforts it continues then retort back, don't take it lying down.

(2) Somebody else gets your due credit:

If somebody gets all the credit of your hard work then don't be disheartened because know that hard work always pay. Your colleague won't last long enough doing that because he/she knows at the back of their mind that they won't be able to match you in that area and does that out of insecurity. Just try to know what your boss thinks of your work and if some brushing up is needed in that area then do that. Know that when an important assignment comes your boss will need you more than your colleague and hence won't create a situation that you'd have to leave. Try to relate with your boss, always show your respect for him/her and express new bright ideas for the excellence of your company and work and don't get disappointed even if any positive feedback didn't come, just be persistent, it'll pay in due course.

(3) Abusive Colleague or Boss:

If your boss or your colleague humiliates and abuses you then don't take it lying down. If your colleague does that then do as mentioned in Step 1. If that doesn't help then discuss it with your other colleagues and make everybody know what has been happening. If you have a good relation with others then your co-worker would be the one cornered not you. If that doesn't help either then report to your boss or other superiors. But still if situations doesn't improve then try to analyze: how perturbed are you with this issue. If you can brush it aside and ignore the individual then nothing like it, but if it affects your work then try to analyze your options. Even the experts say that it is better to stop working with abusive people. It varies from individual to individual and you are the one who'd have to take the ultimate decision as it matters your well-being.

The same applies for your boss as well, as he/she is also your superior colleague at the end of the day. It is not a certainty that you'd have a bad luck every time and end up with an abusive boss always, but taking a daily dose of abuse can render your state of mind and being indelible damage, the scars of which you may have to bear life long. So think about it before submitting to such nuisance.

There are many other complex situations that may arise, as people take office politics to such levels where one has to manufacture way outs everyday. Therefore, it depends upon individual astuteness to deal with situations, but one yardstick should be maintained: you must retain your dignity and integrity, as that is what matters at the end of the day.

I've stressed upon a few important areas of office politics that I felt needed urgent attention and a good resolution, which I tried to provide. But if anyone finds that things are getting unbearable, then either that person should seek expert guidance or move elsewhere.

Author: Mathi        
Posted Date: 07/28/2010    Points:2    

thanks for your tips chowdhury ji
Really it will helps to how to manage problems and how to solve it in nice ways.

thanks ji keep it up give more like this.
Author: S. Chowdhury        
Posted Date: 07/29/2010    Points:1    

Thanks Mathi a lot for the encouragement, coming from the leader it means so much to me!
Author: snowdoll487        
Posted Date: 08/02/2010    Points:1    

This is well written. Seems like well researched as well. This will help a lot of reader's who are experiencing the same situations..
Author: S. Chowdhury        
Posted Date: 08/03/2010    Points:1    

Thanks for your encouraging comments.
Author: S. Chowdhury        
Posted Date: 11/02/2010    Points:9    

Hello Bhavik, very good analysis.
I am impressed by the ease of your analysis and your lucid style of writing.
You should write an article about this topic and over topics you are such confident about.
Also one thing is to be noticed that, most articles are gramatically error prone, but you've dealt with it aptly.
I suggest that you put it to good use, so that your readers as well as you get benefitted.
As far as any topic goes, I believe, a hundred people can write over a single subject and it is not necessary that all of them would be of the same or of close quality.
Opinions and articulations differ based on the thinking and writing capabilities of a person and the amount of research put in.
I read about Office Politics in a magazine and then tried to express it in my own words in my article, mingled with my own bitter experiences.
I tried to cover some of the areas that came to my mind at that very moment when I was writing the article and I even mentioned that fact in my article as well.
I certainly think that it can be bettered and more areas can be stressed upon.
Your detailed analysis actually stresses a lot of other areas and it's good that you shared your knowledge with us.
Keep writing and encouraging us.

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