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The many benefits and Joys of Gardening

July 28, 2013  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $1.20   Views: 862

Gardening is one of the best hobbies that keep us de stressed and fit...


Most old timers were very interested in gardening and their lifestyle too was went on in harmony with the nature around them. Tending to plants and taking care of them was part of their daily routine as also cattle breeding and taking care of livestock . They also lived simple yet healthy lives that was in accordance with the rules laid down by mother nature.

Now with the increased urbanisation and lack of space in almost all cities which are filled to capacity and ever expanding , in most houses even in smaller cities and towns, we see that gardens are slowly vanishing to be replaced by terrace gardens and balconies filled with or without plants. When this continues and cities become more and more congested one can imagine what the future holds .To enjoy greenery one may have to visit the public parks or go out of city where there is an abundance of wilderness.
One wonders urbanisation at what cost? And where would it lead us in the future ?

Gardening is a healthy hobby

Everybody agrees that plants are an essential and integral part of our life and without greenery around us we would perish. So it is in our own interest that the future generation be taught the value of plants and trees and encouraged to cultivate a garden .
When we are feeling a bit out of sorts and low, there are very few things that make us feel better and bring us back to a better frame of mind .

Most garden lovers swear that they feel better the moment they are amidst their plants and have spent some time with them .Once we start doing some much needed jobs in the garden or even do some weeding or sprucing up, before we know it we get completely immersed in our garden and plants and our worries vanish as we spend the entire day re potting, watering and generally tidying up the garden. It is one of the most satisfying and relaxing activities.

Personally, I love gardening and when I spend time with my plants and have done what needs to be done , I feel wholly refreshed and confident of facing anything that comes my way. Gardening is also the best remedy for many things like loneliness, depression or simply for keeping fit.

Life is filled with stress these days and we all need some form of activity that de-stresses us when things become difficult to handle. Gardening and even going for long walks helps one clear one's mind and generally help us in calming down. Plants have a soothing effect on our minds and they also give us the much needed relief after having stayed indoors in our offices or homes for a long period of time.

Plants need care and attention

Plants, especially houseplants need care, attention and love like human beings. They thrive when they are looked after well. The more time we spend with our plants the better they start looking and growing. It is a well known fact , that they like the human touch , which is what make them thrive and grow into healthy specimen.

When a plant thrives and starts flowering under our care it gives us a special feeling of happiness and immense satisfaction .By growing and taking care of plants we are also helping the environment and at the same time getting so many health benefits. I have always found gardening the best remedy for keeping off the blues and keeping fit without any need to go to the gym!

Life becomes meaningful

There are scores of people who have found a new meaning to their life when they took up gardening seriously as a hobby, especially after the children grew up and became independent ! People become lonely with age because the children have moved away and they are also not as busy as they used to be. Gardening is one of the best forms of exercise and occupations for anyone under those circumstances.

People who have some hobby or the other are never bored in life. Doing some work around the home and gardening does help one keep busy with no time to worry about other matters or getting stressed over things. When you get immersed in garden work , you can be sure that all your negative and depressing thoughts vanish and you feel refreshed at the end of it. It is a lot of hard work but rewarding and soothing.


You don't need a large patch of land to take an interest in gardening. What is needed is a healthy and keen interest and you will be able to grow a garden within the small space that is available around your house or in a balcony or windowsill if you are living in an apartment. I have seen some beautiful plants grown on windowsills or living rooms adding beauty and livening up the space.

We all have our highs and lows in life and the best way to tackle it is to divert one's mind away for a short time so that you can become clear headed and de-stressed. Gardening is very addictive ! Gardening is best done when you are alone or by yourself so that you can completely submerge yourself into the task and reap all the healthy benefits it offers .No need to say that it is not only a good form of exercise as also a great and a satisfying hobby to have.


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