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Difference Between Self Concept And Self Esteem.

July 30, 2013  by: Wajeeh Khan  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.30   Views: 889

Is there a difference between self concept and self esteem? If so, which one do you think is more important?


The cognitive process of thinking and knowing yourself is what you call the self concept. Self concept is build from the childhood and throughout your life as you are going through the experiences in your life. Self concept is how you see yourself and what information you get to find about yourself from the people and peers around you. Building of self concept is a lifetime process and so your self concept is liable to change throughout one's life. If people tell you that you are nothing, than you are most likely to believe in this fact for as long as it takes to get out of this predicament.

Self esteem on the other hand is the emotional or effective psychological process which defines how you feel about what you know about yourself. For instance, if you are not too talkative or social in the parties and stuff, do you enjoy this fact or do you think that you are way too unsocial to be even considered well mannered in the gatherings. Self esteem is also known as one's worth.

Educators, parents, teachers and government leaders have agreed that we need to develop individuals with healthy or high self esteem characterized by tolerance and respect for others. Individuals who take responsibility for one's own actions have integrity, they take pride in one's accomplishments, they are self motivated and are willing to take risks. Such individuals are capable of taking the criticism without getting defensive. They seek the challenge and stimulation of worthwhile goals and take command and control of their lives. So for the development of a country or nation, it is important that we have people of high self esteem who think their own personalities to be life affirming, constructive, responsible and trustworthy.

Some scholars have merely taken self esteem as feeling good about yourself. Others have gone so far as to equate self esteem with egotism, arrogance, conceit, narcissism, a sense of superiority, a trait leading to violence. It is to be mentioned that all these aforementioned traits are not found in the person of high self esteem. These are only the defensive responses due to the lack of self esteem which is also referred as the pseudo self esteem. People with low self esteem are always focused on trying to prove themselves or impress others. They try to use others for their own gain. Sometimes they act way too proudly and arrogantly and contempt towards others. Such individuals normally have a confusion about who they are and what they are for.

One of the most important feature that high self esteem and self concept imparts in an individual is that such people always seek out to communicate with others. They never try to avoid communication in gatherings. They can start a conversation themselves with people they don't even know. They have a self affirming feeling that they are worthy to enjoy the company of others. While those with low self esteem always hide in a shell and avoid all sorts of communication because they just can't get over the feeling that they are not worthy, that people don't want to talk to them, that people don't like him. A person with high self esteem always puts forward his ideas and opinions with confidence because he thinks that he is capable of holding strong opinions and ideas. While that of a person with low self esteem always holds back his opinions and ideas as he does not consider his ideas to be any important and thinks that people will mock at his ideas and opinions.


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