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Role Of Identity Management

July 30, 2013  by: Wajeeh Khan  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.60   Views: 794

What exactly is identity management and how important is it in communication and interpersonal skills. How does it help in starting, retaining and developing relationships with folks around you.


Communication is a transactional process involving participants who occupy different but overlapping environments and create relationships through the exchange of messages, many of which are effected by external, physiological and psychological noise.

Identity Management:-
Identity management is an imperative part of communication skills. Technically, identity management relates to the techniques which people adopt in order to present themselves in a way in which they want others to view them. The fact of the matter is that all of us have different faces that we present as part of our public image in different situations or with different relations. For instance, you would not prefer to present yourself in the same way before your employer as you would before your friend. To cut to the chase, identity management enables us to make personal and professional relations, retaining them and developing them. If one single identity is exhibited before all relations and in all situations, the person would soon enough be left alone. The following examples and scenarios will illustrate the above mentioned perspective.

Role Of Identity Management In Starting Relationships:-
Identity management plays a vital role in starting relations. Consider the scenario that you are a newcomer in a class or university. You don't know anybody in the class, all are strangers to you. But just within a week or two, you will find yourself with friends. The major reason behind you making friends in short span of time is identity management. Think about the faces that you must had presented in order to make new friends. For instance, talkative, sincere, polite, well mannered, candid, friendly, funny etc. These are the faces that you had presented as part of your public image which enabled you to make new friends. Imagine if you had presented yourself as harsh, disrespectful, rude, abrasive, abhorrent, abominable, cold, guile. Nobody would have preferred making friends with you.

Role Of Identity Management In Retaining Relationships:-
Another major role that identity management plays in the daily life is in retaining relationships. Consider the scenarios where you compromise just to retain the relationship. For instance, you and a friend are in an argument and you know that you are not wrong. But sometimes you would still manage your identity as a compromising friend and be the first to apologize just so you can retain the relationship. If it hadn't been for identity management, the argument might have conflagrated and ended up in a break up.

Role Of Identity Management In Developing Relationships:-
Last but not the least, identity management plays vital role in developing already sustained relations. You keep on utilizing the skills of identity management and changing your faces according to the situation to make the already sustained relations even stronger. For example, you keep on acting as a sincere friend to make sure that your relation with your friend keeps on strengthening . Or perhaps you would keep on acting as a helping friend to ensure that your relation never weakens.


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