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August 05, 2013  by: Yoginder Singh  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.35   Views: 1363

Corruption is a menace that needs to be tackled on a war footing.


Corruption undermines democracy and good governance by floating formal process in political system. The government officials misuse the power for illegitimate personal gains. It includes nepotism, patronage, graft, embezzlement, extortion, bribery etc. Corruption varies depending upon the country or jurisdiction. In general election the corruption is flourishing which reduces accountability and violates a basic principle of republicanism.

It also lowers the standards of construction, environmental or other regulations, reduces the quality of government services and increases budgetary pressure on Govt. This encourages the government officials to accumulate their wealth abroad which tells heavily upon the economic upliftment and development of the nation.

The aid for food can be directly and physically diverted from its intended destination, distributions to favor certain groups or individuals. In government food distribution system there are so many deficiencies. The food supplied by the Govt. for distribution on subsidized rates among poor through Fair price shops for public distribution is either sold by the supplier in open markets on higher rates or sub-standard quality is distributed to the consumers which tells badly on the health of people causing thereby danger to human life and health.

In Bihar more than 80% of the subsidized food meant for poor is stolen by corrupt officials and sold in the open market in unlawful manner. This facility may be diverted directly targeting registration and distribution to favor certain people.

The environmental destruction is facilitated by corruption because as per World Bank report the funds which were denoted for health usages were never invested into the health sectors and given to those who were in need of medical attention but this cash is given to the wrong hands which lead to political and governmental corruption. Drought and natural calamities may trigger famine conditions. Officials often steal state wealth which is against national interest.

Corruption also affects sports activities as many referees and players are found involved in anti doping controls. Bribe extends to every aspect of public life making it extremely difficult for individuals to stay in business without resorting to bribes. Bribe is demanded to bypass laws and regulations. Giving or taking bribe is criminal offence. The trade in influence relates a person selling his influence over the decision making process to benefit a third party. Favoring personal friends or relatives of an official is a form of illegitimate private gain. Electoral fraud is illegal act in the process of general elections such as voter fraud, improper vote counting, influence a voter to cast his/her vote against his/her wish.

The embezzlement is personal use of entrusted government resources/ funds by illegal means and mis -appropriation of government funds. The technology of mobile telecommunications and radio broadcast help to fight against corruption. The anti corruption bureau fights against corruption for which a Lokpal bill is being prepared.
In the recent past Anna Hazare started a nationwide movement for framing a Lokpal bill and against corruption. Corruption in politics is a social evil. It's high time to get rid of curbing political corruption.

Author: Writer013        
Posted Date: 08/14/2013    Points:4    

It is unfortunate and sad to see that corruption is not taken very seriously in India.
You will find reports of corruption on tv channels and newspapers about corruption taking place especially among politicians and there is a lot of noise made but after some time the issue dies down and nobody know about the outcome.
We never hear about any punishment being given to people who are involved in corrupt practices and this encourages people to continue doing what they have been doing without fear of action being taken against them.
Author: Yoginder Singh        
Posted Date: 08/15/2013    Points:5    

I fully endorse the comments of Author: Writer013. As per Transparency Internationals' Perception Index (CPI), this year, India ranked 94th out of 176 nations in corruption. Corruption is the most serious threat in respect of economic and political stability of India. No action is taken against the corrupt persons which gives rise to corrupt practices. If capital penalty is awarded to the corrupt person there is lack of will in implementation of the same. The corrupt persons must be punished severely, Their property and assets may be attached. Complete ban may be imposed on their social activities and they may be debarred from Govt.jobs and benefits provided by the Govt.

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