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Natural cure for Wounds

August 06, 2013  by: Yoginder Singh  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.80   Views: 1204

In case the wound is not very severe in nature we can cure it by applying ayurvedic home remedies like, honey, lavender oil, turmeric,Aloe Vera, Neem oil and garlic as these have antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties which help heal the wound quickly


Natural Cures for Wounds

Wound care products contain water which is an essential requirement for our body but since it is repelled by the skin
as such,the products which contain water do not promote healing. The essential oils contain medicinal properties,
therefore, they help for quicken healing the wounds. The properties which help for quicken healing the wounds are:
antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and antibiotic.


Research made reveals that the honey which is an ancient remedy for treating the infected wound can help to
cure wound and skin infections. The bacteria can infect the wound. But the honey can destroy the bacteria.
It can be used to save the wound from being infected. The "Grade A" type Monuka honey made up with pollen collected
from the flowers of a medicinal plant - Manuka bush can effectively eradidate most of the bacteria and is commonly
used for wound dressings. It has its antiseptic qualities. In order to treat a mild wound, mild burn generally either
Manuka or the raw honey is used. Its antibacterial properties i.e. an enzyme is collected by the worker bees from the

Honey applied on the wound acts promptly preventing infection. Honey is a natural antiinflammataory. Honey is most
popular home remedy for wound. Honey can be placed on wound and after rubbing it covered with bandage. The honey
dressings may be extended beyond the inflamed area of wound to avoid infection in the tissues around wound margins.
Honey helps to heal wounds by preventing the spread of bacteria. Generally the infected wounds treated with honey
become free of infection within one week.

The natural essential oils which help healing the infected wounds are: Myrrh, Melrose, Clove, Neem, Levender and Elemi
etc. The following oils and products cure the wounds:

Lavender Oil:

The Lavender oil improves the rate at which the tissue is healing and is very effective for healing the wound.
Similarly the tea tree oil is also useful as it disinfects the wounds.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera gel is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. It removes bacteria and regulate the growth of
healthy new skin cells. It is very effective for treatment of healing the wound.


Amalaki is known as gooseberry. As it contain sufficient vitamin C, it is quite effective in healing the wound.


Turmeric generally used in kitchens is also most powerful herb for wound treatment. Being naturtal
antiseptic with antiinflammatory agents it speeds up the healing process in wound. With its antibacterial action,
it prevents bacterial infections of wound.

Neem Oil:

The neem oil applied on wound cures it very quickly. Neem oil contains active gredients which
work for the process of wound healing.


The garlic helps regulate the immune system, therefore, the garlic placed directly on the infected wound
or applied the mixture of one part garlic juice with three parts water solution on the wound cures the wound.


Ginger is antiseptic. It cleans the wound thoroughly. It kills the micro-organisms, bacteria and germs. The
ginger may be sprinkled on the wound and the wound is covered with bandage.


The ghee is useful in healing of wound. It also helps for growth of healthy cells


The eating of grapes, carrots, bananas and oranges is useful for healing the wound.

Author: Writer013        
Posted Date: 08/23/2013    Points:1    

It is a fact that is better to follow natural cure for wounds but most of us are unaware that we can heal ourselves with natural remedies.
Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 09/02/2013    Points:2    

Hey, I am reading the use of ghee for such a cure for the first time. Is that really safe? I mean, I never read it anywhere else and so I am trying to make things sure. Please reply back if you can as soon as possible. Thanks....
Author: Yoginder Singh        
Posted Date: 09/03/2013    Points:3    

Ghee contains regenerative properties which are very helpful for healing wounds. These properties work well to promote healthy cells. It is because of these properties that Ghee is used in Ayurvedic medicines to treat inter-alia peptic ulcer of stomach. It has also been proved clinically (Prasad and Dorle, 2006) that ghee is useful for treatment of healing wounds.

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