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Use These Beneficial Health Tips to Stay Healthy This Monsoon Season

August 12, 2013  by: Dr. Simran Kaur  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.70   Views: 1348

Monsoon is the season when the disease causing bacteria, viruses, fungi and various other disease causing pathogens are prevalent too much in the surroundings as the humid environment and standing and rampant water in surroundings is the appropriate environment for them to flourish and cause disease.


Monsoon season is no doubt is season of enjoyment after the tiring and heated up season of summer. It brings along with it coolness of its rains drops. But along with coolness monsoon season also brings along with it various infectious diseases as the humid and wet environment of monsoon season provide the appropriate and favorable environment to disease causing pathogens that means disease causing micro-organisms of various infectious diseases to flourish and cause various infectious diseases.

Monsoon is the season when the disease causing bacteria, viruses, fungi and various other disease causing pathogens are prevalent too much in the surroundings as the humid environment and standing and rampant water in surroundings is the appropriate environment for them to flourish and cause disease. The various infectious diseases which these pathogens cause are malaria, stomatitis, indigestion, influenza, cough, cold, coryza, fever, hepatitis, conjunctivitis, kerato-conjunctivitis, blepharitis, styes, septic inflammation of wounds, gastritis, bronchitis, tonsillitis, in short you can say pathogens of the various kind of infectious and inflammatory diseases are prevalent too much in the monsoon season. Therefore, chances of suffering from these infectious and inflammatory diseases increase many fold in this season. But if proper and right precautions are taken and various measures are employed to prevent these infectious diseases, then chances of suffering from these infectious and inflammatory disease can be reduced to great extent.

Therefore, various beneficial health tips which you can use to stay healthy this monsoon season are:-

1. Avoid uncooked food this monsoon season like uncooked sauces, salads, uncooked chutneys, which are left open as they are easily affected by infectious disease causing pathogens. Always eat cooked food in monsoon season which kills various pathogens if present there in food.

2. Boil water which you use for drinking purposes as the water contamination is there too much in monsoon season which increases the chances of suffering from water borne diseases, therefore, boil your water before using it for drinking purposes.

3. Clean your fruits and vegetables appropriately, wash them properly before using them for cooking or eating purposes.

4. Eat those fruits and vegetables in monsoon season which are high in various antioxidants and vitamin A, vitamin C as they help in preventing various infectious and inflammatory diseases and also increase our body immunity which prevents entrance of various disease causing pathogens, toxins and chemicals from entering inside the body. These antioxidants and vitamins also help in fighting against various diseases and also help in treating and preventing them. They also correct and repair the damage done to body tissues by various toxins, chemicals and free radicals and also help in flushing them out of body.

5. The various fruits and vegetables which are rich in various antioxidants and vitamins like vitamin A, B and C are bitter gourd, peaches, plums, cherries, and litchi and green vegetables. But wash these vegetables thoroughly and clean properly before using them for cooking purposes so that all dirt on them get washed away, as dirt on these fruits and vegetables brings various disease causing pathogens with them. Also do not use rotten and spoiled fruits and vegetables as they are contaminated that is infected with various disease causing pathogens like bacteria, viruses and fungi. And this infected food will only cause various diseases inside human body. So avoid rotten and spoiled food.

6. Hygiene is very important thing which you need to take care in almost every season of year but especially more in monsoon season. Try to maintain hygienic condition of every material you use and of house in which you reside, as things get wet, humid from moisture in the air and wet humid things are most favorable and best and appropriate place for disease causing pathogens like bacteria, viruses , fungi to flourish. Disinfect the floors, toilet, bathroom, bed room, kitchen and especially kitchen sinks and gas stoves with appropriate disinfectants. Wash your clothes regularly and dry them appropriately. Bath daily and wash your hands before and after eating anything. Use water-filter if possible as the water borne diseases are too much prevalent in this season.

7. Correct drainage area if water get stand anywhere in surroundings as the standing water is the appropriate place for malaria causing mosquitoes to flourish. These mosquitoes carry the malaria causing pathogens and transfer them to you when they bite you. Therefore, drain water from everywhere it is standing and also correct blocked drainage areas which are the main causes for water to stand on roads as standing water is the breeding ground for mosquitoes which spread malaria and various other infectious diseases.


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