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What Functions Bones Perform in Human Body?

August 16, 2013  by: Dr. Simran Kaur  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.70   Views: 796

Bones perform various functions in human body along with forming structural framework of human body known as skeleton system.


Bones form very important structural part of human body. Yes, you get it right, bones form structural system of human body known as skeleton system , which forms the structural framework of human body. Bones are the one of the tissues of the different types of tissues found in human body. Bones are comprised of different types of cells known as osteoclasts, osteoblasts and osteocytes. Bones perform various functions in human body and do play a very important and vital role in human body.

Bones perform various functions in human body along with forming structural framework of human body known as skeleton system. The various functions which bones perform in human body are-

1. Forms skeleton system of human body-
As I have already told you above in this article that bones form the structural framework of human body known as skeletal system to which various muscles, tendons, cartilages and ligaments are attached.

2. Helps in movement of human body and its various joints-
The various muscles, tendons, cartilages and ligaments present in human body are attached to the bones which help in providing the required forces needed for moving various joints and bones. Movements of bones help in movement of human body and its various parts depending upon which bones are moved. So, bones also perform the function of movement of human body and its various parts with the help of various muscles, cartilages, ligaments and tendons.

3. Red blood cell and platelets synthesis-
Bones also perform function of red blood cell and platelets synthesis. Yes, they also synthesize red blood cells and platelets. Bones form the red blood cells and platelets with the help of red bone marrow present in the bones.

4. White blood cell synthesis-
White blood cells are also formed by bones. Bones also form white blood cells with the help of red bone marrow present in bones.

5. Gives support to human body and its various parts-

Bones also give support to whole human body. Structural framework which the bones form known as skeletal system acts as support system which gives support to whole human body.

6. Protection-

Bones not only give support to human body but also help in protecting its various organs from different kind of injuries whether they are abrasive, incise or blunt. For example, brain is protected by skull bones, which is enclosed in cranial cavity formed by skull bones. Spinal cord is enclosed in vertebral column bones which not only encloses it inside but also protects it forms various injuries, abrasions, in short you can say from various kinds of traumas which otherwise can occur to spinal cord if vertebral column is not there to protect spinal cord. Lungs and heart are protected by ribs which form ribcage around lungs and heart which protect them various injuries.

7. Store house of triglycerides-
Bones also act as store house of triglycerides, as yellow bone marrow which is present in bones, consists mainly of adipose cells which store triglycerides inside them. These stored triglycerides in yellow bone marrow acts as stored chemical energy store of body which can be used when required.

8. Store house of calcium and phosphorus-

Bones also stores minerals named calcium and phosphorus in its structure, which not only make bones strong, but bones can also releases these minerals into blood when required. Bones itself stores about ninety nine percent of body's calcium. So you can say it is the largest store house of calcium in human body.


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