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Positive Thinking Can Change Your Life !

August 29, 2013  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.90   Views: 769

One can accomplish anything in life and if one is honest in achieving one''s goals and aware of one''s limitations and dream accordingly one can hope to fulfill one''''s dreams and achieve one''s goals easily


What is positive attitude

These days a lot of importance is being given to positive thinking and auto suggestions and it s essential for everyone who want to maximise their potential and take charge of their own destiny.

Positive attitude is the outcome of positive thinking which can be enhanced by auto suggestions. A positive attitude brings in positive results and spreads positivity all round.

If we care to analyse , we see that most of us have some corner of our lives where we feel we have failed- may be because we have never tried, having been programmed as children to believe that we may not succeed. But once you become determined to succeed you will see how easy it is to change this attitude to become more effective and confident, in other words to alter your self image.

Some points to consider

It is imperative that you bear certain things in mind that would help you develop the right attitude which helps you in making your life complete and fulfilled. Success is after all individualistic and as far as I am concerned, a carefree mind is very essential to enjoy life to the fullest. It is not money or any other materialistic possessions alone that denotes a person's success.

The following points are helpful when you want to go after positivity and success in life.

1, Tap the Hidden power of mind - Our sub conscious is very powerful and auto suggestion is nothing but tapping this part of our mind to help us perform better. Once you begin an exercise in this direction, you will see how easy certain things and also a positive change in your perceptions and personality. Self analysis helps us defend against negative suggestions. Someone rightly said ' One's life is an accurate mirror of one's thoughts and sub conscious can be programmed with words'.

2, Unlock your real personality - Many people are not aware of what they are capable unless they are hit by some calamity or are forced to perform better. What if you never have a calamity or are forced to perform better ? do you remain an underperformer all your life ? So , instead of living 25% of your life why not go all the way by dong some serious analysis about yourself - by knowing your strength and weaknesses and work on both !

3, A state of self hypnosis - People tend to have many scary interpretations of self hypnosis, little realising that it actually helps us in our day today life .This has been recommended by many analysts and thinkers for an all round personality development. Basically, what is meant by self hypnosis is the need to relax and let our mind focus and also dwell deep into the sub conscious. When we are able to do this we are actually reaching a higher level of thinking. Once you get to that state you are able to find solutions for all your life's problems easily without losing your cool.

4, Remain healthy and stay healthy - There is no denying the fact that Health is Wealth ! To be positive we need to take an interest in our health and make an effort to know about various ailments especially those that we are prone to. Once that is done, look for ways by which you could overcome them, not just through medication but by learning about the origin of disease and overcoming various health problems through mental power. Mind is everything since it has the power to do anything you suggest. So, if your auto suggestion about your ailment is positive you are bound to see positive results.

5, Controlling our habits and addictions - This another very important aspect of our personality development. Unless you have the will power to withstand negativity in your life you will have little chance of succeeding. So, with all the above tools one can easily control and say goodbye to habits that ruin us and other addictions.

6, Work on your relationships - We see that it is not easy to maintain relationships. Personally speaking I feel that a fragile relationship takes two sides to make it stronger and you may do your best , but when there isn't enough output from the other person there will not be any positive results. In such a case it is best to leave things their own course. However, when you have a positive response you can take it further by making positive moves that in turn would give out positive results.

7,Develop your memory, creativity and sporting ability - All three memory, creativity and sporting ability need to be developed. They don't automatically come to you. When you are following the above mentioned aspects, you will see positive results.

8,Choosing success not failure - Some people have the knack of going after failure probably because they lack self confidence and they have made up their mind that they would never succeed. This is a classic case of negative personality, that spreads negativity all round. The only way to overcome such this is by thinking positive which in itself is a step in the right direction enough to boost ones sagging self confidence and ego. Self analysis is another very thought provoking and positive approach to one's life. It can help in dealing with people and in the most difficult situations.


I read somewhere that " Sincerity in life is a very important factor and being honest with yourself is the spring board for all progress" and I whole heartedly agree with that. Once you begin to think positive, overcome your negative tendencies and analyse your actions, you are able to have a better and far more positive dealings with people and situations in general.

Here, I am reminded of a story based on an ancient Hindu legend - When the gods were looking for a place to hide divinity so that earthlings do not get to use it, after thinking of all places they failed to find any suitable place on either land or in the sea where it would be safe from man. And , Lord Brahma (God of wisdom) pondered over this and finally came up with this solution - ' We will hide it in the very depths of man himself, because that is the place he will never think of looking'.

So,one can accomplish anything in life and if one is honest in achieving one's goals and aware of one's limitations and dream accordingly one can hope to fulfill one's dreams and achieve one's goals easily !

Author: ibrum        
Posted Date: 11/06/2013    Points:8    

No one will ever make it if he or she thinks of evil and no evil man has evil man has ever make it in this world. Positive thinking toward yourself and toward others gives way and focus to success and fufilment it is go to positive and make it pisitively . Always think to. Achieve it in live and to have the mind to assisst other always have it in you mind that I will make it no matter the situation or circustance of things may look like and that is the spirit toward achievement always start now but not later every man today you successfull or popular did not just become popular or successfull over nigh but it is base upon I they focus to achieve in live and how they work toward it to make them what they arw today. It is good to be positive, pestimistic and sincere about things and work toward your own success and dream. Live is full of hope and hope is might for those who believe in hope, themself and those does how believe in them and note only that use what they have to achieve what they ever need. Say I believe in my self and I will make it no matter the circumstance of things
Author: Joina        
Posted Date: 08/25/2015    Points:4    

If we want to bring positive changes in our life irrespective of the past, we have to start working on our thoughts. Write down all the negative thoughts that comes and change this to positive thoughts. For example, if you think that you are not smart, make changes in your attitude and try to do things smarter than before. This small changes in your thought will bring a great change in your life. If your thought changes positively, your action and then your future will change automatically. We all will arise ,awake and stop not till our goal is reached.

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