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Symptoms Which Help in Identifying Osteoporosis Disease in a Person

August 31, 2013  by: Dr. Simran Kaur  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.65   Views: 956

The way you can identify any disease is with the help of symptoms of disease and with the help of various laboratory and investigative tests.


Osteoporosis as you know also known by the name of brittle bone disease is disease of bones in which bones become weak, brittle and porous and get broken easily. But the question is how you can identify the disease osteoporosis occurring in a person? How can you come to know whether you are suffering from osteoporosis disease or not?

The way you can identify any disease is with the help of symptoms of disease and with the help of various laboratory and investigative tests. The same applies to osteoporosis. You can identify osteoporosis from its symptoms. Although osteoporosis is a silent disease that is it does not have large set of symptoms which manifest in early stage of disease. It remains in silent stage in early stage of disease, does not manifest large set of symptoms, it progress slowly in gradual mode without producing a large set of symptoms. But do not worry, still there are some laboratory and investigative test available, these days with which you can easily detect osteoporosis in a person even in early stage of disease, yes, you get it right, these laboratory and investigative tests help in identification of disease, can detect disease osteoporosis in its early stage when it is in silent mode and does not manifest very prominent steps. But osteoporosis manifest few prominent symptoms in later chronic stage of disease with which you can identify disease osteoporosis and you can also use the various laboratory and investigative tests which you use to identify osteoporosis in earlier stage of disease.

Now, the various symptoms and laboratory and investigative tests which help you in identifying osteoporosis disease in a person are-

1. Bone mineral density test-
Now, first test with the help of which you can identify osteoporosis is bone mineral density test also known as BMD test. It is used to detect bone density. This test not only helps in identifying whether a person is suffering from osteoporosis or not but also help in identifying the stage at which osteoporosis disease has reached in a person by detecting the rate of bone loss.

2. Urine test-
Second test which help in identifying osteoporosis in a person is urine test, as large amount of calcium is lost in urine in osteoporosis.

3. Fractures of bones-
In osteoporosis, bones become so weak that they get easily fractured even from very slight jerks on jerky ride on a vehicle, from just waiving a hand or even by picking up a glass of water. Bones of people suffering from osteoporosis become so weak that they get easily fractured even from sudden strain or from sudden fall. So the fractures of bones are also one of the main symptoms of osteoporosis.

4. Severe back pain-
Severe back pain occurs in severe osteoporosis which causes collapse fracture of vertebrae.

5. Loss of body height and stooped posture-
Collapse fracture of vertebrae in severe osteoporosis causes loss of body height and causes stooped posture of human body.

6. Perialveolar bone loss-
Perialveolar bone loss is also one of the main symptoms of osteoporosis. Teeth get loosened from their cavities and get easily uprooted from their cavities in which they are rooted or get easily broken. This occurs in osteoporosis of jaw.

7. Hip fracture, wrist fracture and fractures of upper arm-
Hip fracture, wrist fracture and fractures of upper arm are very commonly found in osteoporosis. Osteoporosis causes fracture of hips, wrist, upper arm, vertebrae or any bone which suffer from osteoporosis.

8. Bone pain-
Bone pain is very common symptom of osteoporosis. It is very commonly found in osteoporosis and especially occurs in those bones which are affected by osteoporosis.

9. X-Ray, CT scan, MRI-
X-ray, CT scan, MRI of pain affected area also help in detection of osteoporosis of bones found in pain affected area.


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