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Foods That Increase Immunity of Human Body

August 31, 2013  by: Dr. Simran Kaur  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.60   Views: 961

Human body immune system protects us from various diseases, fights against them and removes harmful free radicals produced by metabolism and various toxins which have entered inside the body.


Human body got a unique immune system which protects it from various kinds of infectious diseases, does not let harmful foreign substances, or toxins or any kind of disease causing micro-organisms to enter inside body. If anyhow, any harmful foreign substance or any deadly toxin or any disease causing virus, parasites, bacteria have entered inside the body, then immune system of human body has got capacity to fight against them and throw them out of human body.

Human body immune system protects us from various diseases, fights against them and removes harmful free radicals produced by metabolism and various toxins which have entered inside the body. But, like other body organs and skeleton and body systems it does need nourishment from time to time of various nutrients found in different foods for its proper and healthy functioning. Human body immune system can get all healthy nutrients required by human body in their diet from different foods.

There are various foods which are rich in healthy nutrients required by human immune system for its nourishment. There are various foods which not only provide nourishment to human immune system but also boost its immunity and also strengthen it. The foods which contain various healthy nutrients required by human system to function properly and also boost its immunity that is increase its immunity and also strengthen the human immune system are-

1. Whole grains-
Whole grains like oats, barley and millets contain all the healthy nutrients required by human body immune system to function properly and in healthy way. Oats, you all know, is known for its weight reducing properties in obese people and is very food for diabetics and in heart diseases but it also increases our body immunity by providing various healthy nutrients it needs for healthy functioning of immune system.

2. Ginger-
Ginger you all know has got various medicinal properties which treat various infectious diseases. Anti-inflammatory properties of ginger not only cure various inflammatory diseases but also antioxidants found in it strengthen the body's immune system and increases immunity level of body.

3. Probiotics-
Probiotics found in various foods like curd also known as yogurt and also in buttermilk also known as lassi boost body immunity and strengthen body's immune system. These food stuffs not only contain probiotics but also contain various antioxidants which not only increase body immunity but also strengthen body's immune system.

4. Pulses-
Pulses are very rich in proteins which build immune system of body and various other body structures and organs. Proteins not only build immune system of body but also repair worn out tissues of immune system damaged by diseases and injuries. Pulses are rich source of proteins so consume them in good amount and have healthy and strengthened immune system.

5. Soyabeans-
Soyabeans are also very healthy food. You all are very familiar with health benefits of soyabeans, they are very good for health. They are cholesterol free, fat free and are rich source of healthy proteins and antioxidants which increase body immunity and also strengthen it.

6. Broccoli-
Broccoli, you all know its health benefits in reducing weight in obese people and also prevents heart diseases and diabetes. Broccoli being a green vegetable is a rich source of all the healthy nutrients immune system of human body needs to function properly. Broccoli not only helps in healthy functioning of immune system but also helps in increasing body immunity and also strengthens its protective shield, which does not get broken easily by harmful outside influences.

7. Garlic-
Garlic also got medicinal properties like ginger. Anti-inflammatory properties of garlic not only keep diseases away but also strengthen the immune system of body.

8. Amla(Indian gooseberry)-
Amla also possess properties which increase body immunity. Vitamin C present in amla possesses antioxidant properties which increase human body immunity and strengthen immune system of human body.

9. Walnuts-
Walnuts you all know are very good for human brain but also very good for human immune system. It contains various antioxidants which strengthen the body's immune system and also increases its immunity.

So that was all about the foods which boost human body immunity and also strengthen the human body immune system.


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