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How to maintain shine and brilliance of yours diamonds jewelry

September 14, 2013  by: anil gupta  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.20   Views: 1111

Diamonds are precious stone and it is first choice of jewelry lovers. It is essential to maintain these


Diamonds is forever. Diamond jewelry is first choice of males and females. Investment in diamonds is one of the best options of investment. Diamond is precious. Diamonds have become soiled with dust, soaps lotion and skin oil when we used these. Due to all these diamonds lost its shine and brilliance.
Diamonds is precious stone. So we must maintain its brilliance and shine. For it diamonds requires cleaning. It is not hard job. Your few minutes and little care can maintain shining and spangle of your diamonds.
Some tips to maintain spangle of diamonds
1. Take mild hot water in bowel and mix gentle detergent in it. Sock you diamond jeweler in it for ten minutes. Brush the jeweler with brush having soft bristles. You can use an eyebrow or lip stick brush.
2. Kitchen strainer like tea strainer can be used to remove dust and dinginess from diamond jewelry.
3. If your diamond jewelry needs strong cleaning than soak diamonds in ammonia solution for 30 minutes. Raito of water and ammonia is 50:50. After 30 minutes remove them and gently brush with soft bristle brush.
4. If you are busy one and have not time to mixing detergent and ammonia than you can buy liquid Diamonds jewelry cleaners from market. Before using readymade cleaner first read instructions, suggested on cleaner.
To clean diamonds jewelry ultrasonic machines also available in market. This machine used high frequency to create a cleaning motion.
All jewelry has different USP, so choose cleaning method which is suitable for your jewelry. During cleaning don't touch diamond's edge with your finger. Always use soft cotton clothes to dry diamond jewelry. But always keep your jewelry clean to keeps it brilliant and sparkling.

Author: ushakiran        
Posted Date: 10/28/2013    Points:2    

Good useful tips...It is important to take care while cleaning and maintaining jewlry otherwise they can get tarnished or the diamonds become loose in their settings..
Author: Writer013        
Posted Date: 11/07/2013    Points:2    

This is a really good and well written article about cleaning and maintaining jewellery.
We tend to look at diamonds as an investment and neglect taking care of it and giving it the respect that it deserves.
Author: Reena        
Posted Date: 12/23/2013    Points:9    

Diamonds are precious. Thus it is shared between loved ones. They loose their shine after a period of time. Proper care should be taken to protect them. To maintain shine, diamond jewelry should be at least cleaned once a week.
*Diamond jewelry should be removed while bathing.
*It should be kept in a jewelry box with a smooth surface rather than been kept here and there. This will avoid any scratches. Dust and surface residue will also get reduced.
*Avoid banging diamond jewelry against any hard surface. This can result in the chipping of stone.
*Old soft-bristled toothbrush can be used. Scrub jewelry with it gently after dipping jewelry in warm water mixed with ammonia solution to get a proper cleaning. Later rinse with a soft clean towel.
*Back of the diamond is the area where maximum oil and dirt gets collected. Extra care should be taken to clean this area.
*One should not wear it while doing rough work. It may get chipped regardless of the fact that it is hard and durable.
*Take care that diamond does not come into contact with chlorine bleach. This may lead to discoloration and damage.
*Lastly, visit jeweler atleast once in a year for loose prongs or wearing of mounts.

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