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Types of Addictions I

September 16, 2013  by: Sarika  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.40   Views: 770

This article is a try to compile together some of the most common type of addictions.


Types of addictions:

Addiction can be defined as the continued use of a substance and/or the repetition of behaviour despite deleterious effects or adverse consequences on mental and physical health. The classical symptoms include inability to control, feeling of compulsion to continue, Pre-occupation with the substance or behaviour and denial. The reason why most people get addicted to substances or particular behaviour is the immediate or short-term reward associated with it. The adverse effect is visible during the long term use and therefore for the moment the drug/behaviour appears harmless and in fact helpful. It is possible but difficult to overcome addictions as it requires lot of self discipline, control, motivation and support. Body also reacts adversely to the withdrawal with symptoms varying from anxiety, craving, nausea, hallucinations, headache, digestive problems and tremors etc. In this article I have tried to bring together some of the most common types of addictions.

1. Alcohol

Alcohol addiction is one of the most common addictions. People start drinking for fun and begins with a small gulp and then with a glass. After certain time the glass is converted into a bottle and the person do not realize it that now he has an addiction problem. People who are addicted to alcohol are known to have anti-social character, aggressive, abusive and careless behaviour. Every year there are thousands of accidents around the world because of drunk driving. Drinking alcohol not only spoils the health of a person but also spoils his/her entire social image and family structure. Liver cirrhosis, kidney disease and metabolic disorders are some of the major health conditions an alcoholic might face during his life time.

2. Smoking

The second most common addiction all around the world is smoking. Scientists have identified a positive correlation between smoking and alcohol drinking. Smoking is not only injurious to the health of the smoker but also for the health of other people who are around him/her. These people also inhale the smoke passively which does a lot of damage to the lungs. Lung cancer, diseases of the respiratory system, liver and kidney problems and other metabolic disorders are some of the major health risks a smoker faces.

3. Gambling

Who does not know about the casino world in Las Vegas!! Have you ever wondered why? People are addicted to gambling. The habit which starts as a game turns into a real craze. Craze of becoming a millionaire overnight and the greed to win more and more. People spend all their money, sometimes even lease their houses or business and play the money on a game of poker just hoping that they might win in this game of luck. It is a really bad habit though have no direct consequences on health but damages one's social status, self respect, credibility and gives rise to depression and mental and social problems.

4. Sex and pornography

This is a very sensitive issue and mostly people are not comfortable to talk about it. It is the way of nature to let this world exist and go on. With growing age nature takes its course and urge to meet a partner grows strong. Youngsters, as they have no experience, cannot decide where the border lies and till what extent this theme should be explored. With the advent of internet things have become even worse. Not only teenagers but also adult people are known to spend hours on internet, surfing pornographic material. With time it turns into an addiction and it is really hard to get rid of this one. A very good example is the movie "I am a sex addict" by Caveh Zahedi where he discusses about his addiction and how hard it was for him to overcome it.

5. Prescribed drug addictions/Drugs

Drug addiction is very well known to all of us. Heroin, Marijuana, LSD and other such drugs are highly addictive in nature because of their narcotic effect. These not only affect the health of the person but also his social status. People with drug addictions are more prone to lose their jobs and become a social burden. It is possible but very difficult to overcome drug addiction and can lead to even death.
The other type of drug addiction is the addiction to drugs prescribed by the doctor. Some people are highly dependent on the drugs available in the drug store. They think they are always ill and need medication. For no reason they visit the doctor and get some prescription. "Send me no flowers" is a very beautiful and comical depiction of such people.

6. TV, Internet, video games, chatting

I am sure all the readers are aware of addiction of video games and chatting. In this world of growing technology internet has become a necessity. It has many advantages and also some disadvantages. Addiction to internet games, chatting, and social websites is really troublesome. This is a real black hole for time. People are so addicted to this virtual world that some of them have forgotten what it is like to live in real one. They can create many avatars, meet virtual people and become friends with them, make virtual tours, do shopping and what not. The list is endless. But this addiction can also be very dangerous. It affects a person's perception towards normal life. They start taking all the virtual events for real and this has negative effects on their day to day life. There have been cases reported in which the people were so stressed with their virtual life they committed suicide or some virtual friend asked for a real life meeting and later looted/raped the person and killed him/her. Internet addiction is a matter of serious concern. Television is another black hole for time. Sometimes it is also called the "idiot box". What is better than to watch a bit of TV after a hard working day? But people forget to realise that this is the time they should be spending with their family and engage in other activities like talking, playing with children, spending time with elder people at home, cooking etc. We should not forget that there was a time when there was no TV and internet and life was somehow more beautiful and less stressful.


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