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Types of Addictions II

September 16, 2013  by: Sarika  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.50   Views: 618

This article is a try to compile together the most common type of addictions.


Continuation of "Types of Addiction I"

7. Shopping

It would be partial if I say women are addicted to shopping because men are equally addicted, however they do not have so much patience like women and would not like to visit 5-10 shops for the same thing, ask for price and then finally buy it from the 11th shop. Shopping can be an addiction. People buy things which they do not need just because they feel compelled to do so. This type of addiction has no direct effect on health but has severe effect on finances and monthly budget.

8. Food and eating

Foodie is a normal term used for people who love food and eating, but have you ever thought what the disadvantages of being a foodie are? Everyone loves to eat delicious things but eating all the time or on small intervals is dangerous to health. These people are mostly obese and have many health related problems like high blood pressure, heart related troubles, obesity, diabetes, hypertension etc.

9. Travelling

Some people are obsessed with travelling. The wish to travel around the world is so strong that some of them even live in a moving house, house boats or movable houses. Some of them take long holidays from work and take a tour around continents. They are in search of adventure and fun and want to be like free birds. Sometimes they call themselves as a "Citizen of the world". Though it is highly adventurous and hardly has any side effects on health, it can be dangerous. When such travel freaks enter in troubled territories then they end up paying dearly and sometimes with their lives.

10. Work

I am sure the word workaholic is not a new word for the readers. There are people who are simply addicted to work. They start working really early in the morning and return home very late. Their family and social life suffers and they are under stress all the time. Many divorces and separations are the result of being a workaholic.

11. Exercise and fitness

Fitness freak are those people who are absolutely crazy about exercising and fitness. They do it even though they do not need it and spend almost whole day in gyms or fitness clubs. The wish to obtain a perfect body, impress opposite sex and for some the fear of getting ill could be the main reasons for this.

12. Hygiene

Have you ever seen a person washing his/her hands again and again or someone who is afraid to touch the door knob because he/she might catch germs? These people are addicted to hygiene and cannot withstand even a small speck of dirt and dust. They have a psychological disorder which in medical terms is known as obsessive compulsive disorder.

13. Perfection

Some people are crazy about perfection. For them everything should be perfect and in order. Out of order things are not acceptable. They feel stressed in the situations where they have to make compromises with the quality, if they are ready to do that, which is mostly not the case.

14. Spiritual obsession

It is most common in women though men can also be spiritually obsessed. These people are addicted to go to temples everyday and stay there for hours ignoring personal and professional life. They take holidays from work to join a spiritual tour and also spend a lot of money in the name of charity and superstition.

15. sports

I am sure readers have heard this term called "Extreme sports". These are sports for extreme sport freaks. These people are absolutely addicted to sports be it running, swimming, cycling, skating, skiing, car race or whatever. These people are healthy, have lots of stamina and also spend lots of money on their instruments. Sometimes these extreme sports can be dangerous and accidents can be fatal. However it is an advantage for sport freaks as they can combine their hobby, passion, obsession and addiction all in one.


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