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How keywords are helpful in blogging

September 16, 2013  by: Joseph  Points: 12   Category: SEO  Earning $0.20   Views: 672

This article contains informations related to use of keywords in the contents and its effects in generating visitors for a site.


There are many seo factors which are responsible in making good traffic for a site pagerank, backlinks, seo visibility score etc are only few of them which help a site to reach its audience. Even without pagerank many sites are best in reaching its huge traffic the reason behind it is the good placement of right keywords. Keywords has a big role in the formation of a site to make huge traffic because keywords are the one which used in the search engine to find different topics so using popular keywords in articles will help the site to reach in front of the search results and also if your site has enough seo visibility factors then huge traffic will automatically came to the site. For knowing popular keywords in the search engine you have to use popular keyword analyzing tools like Google trends, wordtracker etc are some of the best keyword analyzing tools which is suggested by most of the seo experts with the help of this tools you can find popular search engine keywords.

It is very important that to use some of the popular keywords in the content which is related to that topic in which that you got from the analyzing tools. For example if your going to create a content related to marketing then the popular keywords related to marketing will be online marketing tips, internet marketing, business etc you have to provide this keyword phrases inside the content to support marketing. It is sure that your content will be good hitting and will help the site to get a good traffic flow. If it is not possible to add the keyword in the content or you don't get points related to the keyword phrase then it is better if you add it as a tag and also it is very useful if you add a keyword phrase as the title of the content. Mostly on search engine the big hitting topics are latest news, how to, tips to, etc posts because people want latest informations and want to know more about various things so preparing contents according it will help to get more views from search engine. Contents are the key for getting traffic for a site so it is good to add maximum information in the content so that it can generate more keywords, more information about the topic and through that a very good number of visitors will also came. That is the reason why more of the seo experts and experienced bloggers suggest the writers to add maximum information in the content. This are the useful things that one will get with the help of keywords in the content.

Author: ibrum        
Posted Date: 11/07/2013    Points:7    

Keyword are very help expecially when you are a professional and you really know to place keyword also know as the seo you can use it in your article videocle, photo to be in upper rank or seach in seach engine. For instance if you are a type that involve in article writing you and register for any of the article sit to make you can use keyword for your article to be view as many time as positle and this will attract thousands of viewer to view your article and through that process you can achieve more money. Well as for me I don''t really no how to use keyword and if I new I would I have achieve more and more and well live is always like that you are very good in some but only one thing keep pusing back word to achieve what you want and that is really painfull. I known with time I will learning and put it into better use and practise to get thousands of view which will really help me in my earning.
Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 03/25/2014    Points:3    

I would say in fact, everything depends on keywords. They are so important that Google has even tools to determine what keywords are important and how you can choose the best of them. There are also various ways to determine the best possible keywords that can help in gaining more traffic. There are also long keywords too that can even better help in bringing more traffic.

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