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Hammer Out Haemorrhoids with Homeopathy

September 19, 2013  by: Xavier  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.40   Views: 657

Due to their lifestyle and food habits many people are found to be suffering from haemorrhoids. Taking recourse to homeopathy can be their best option.


In my homeopathic practice I come across many persons suffering from haemorrhoids, more commonly known as piles. Many suffer silently as this ailment is found in a part of the body which is generally thought to be not exposable.
I have met two types of piles, blind and bleeding. They may be inside the anus or outside. They protrude from anus, sometimes one or two and sometimes even in a bunch, blocking the passage of tools. In such cases, passing of stool becomes a painful act for the sufferer. If a person suffers from constipation for long or if he passes hard excreta chronically, piles may develop into the bleeding kind. The bleeding kind of piles cause extreme damage as the sufferer loses blood whenever he tries to pass stool. This may lead to onset of anemia in the person.
The reasons may be different but immediate cause of piles is constipation. Hard stool passing through the tender tissues of anus causes friction, which ultimately leads to the appearance of grapelike protrusion at the end of the alimentary canal. This ailment is seen quite often among women during pregnancy.
In cases of piles, I proceed with a medicine which can loosen the stool. A dose of Nux Vomica in the evenings is a good remedy to begin with. Then I proceed to the following remedies:
i. Aesculus Hip: A great piles remedy, it can be used for both bleeding and blind piles. The rectum feels full of little sticks. The patient complains of pain in his back and hips.
ii. Lachesis: There is constant urging in the rectum and constricted feeling in anus. If the piles appear purplish, Lachesis is indicated.
iii. Aloe: When piles protrude out of anus like a bunch of grapes and cold water gives relief Aloe is told to be the specific remedy.
iv. Millefolium Mother Tincture: This is a sure action remedy in bleeding piles. 5 drops with a little water thrice a day will arrest bleeding. There are also other remedies available to stop bleeding in homeopathy.
v. Podophyllum: It has been found effective in cases of piles during pregnancy and after childbirth.
If the patient takes recourse to homeopathy, he can save himself from the complications of operation.


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