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Green living and environment influence

September 23, 2013  by: deepa  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.50   Views: 787

Plants and trees are very essential in human life and environment. We should plant trees near the residence so that all benefit from it.


Trees are a welcome sight. Especially to those who live in crowded apartments in the cities. Having been born in a city, I know the congestion of living in a city. Health is more important than wealth. I used to be sick almost always in my childhood. After marriage I moved to the village. From then, I have not had much difficulty and became sick only a few times. The factors that promoted my health are the trees and the beautiful lush nature that surrounds our house.

These images are taken by us from our farm.

There are several plants that promote health. The neem tree is the most important. When the breeze blows, the medicinal values of the plant are spread in the air thus creating a healthy environment. Neem is also useful in curing a lot of diseases. The bark is used to clean the teeth. Eating raw leaves is good for the eye. However, it is best to consult a nutritionist or herbal specialist before consuming it.

Even if you are not able to plant trees or small plants, please do try to plant small herbs in pots and keep them in the apartment window sill or balcony. The holy basil also known as Tulasi in India is one plant whose importance can never be underestimated. eating a few Thulasi leaves will cure cold, cough and any signs of fever and fatigue. I have tested it. The dark green variety or the Krishna Thulasi has more medicinal value.

Flowering plants are also a great stress reliever. When you feel low, it is a great tonic to just look at a flowering plant and observe the butterflies which hover around to suck the nectar. Just observing the nature also helps calm the agitated mind and is a great cure for depression.

The importance of plants is very great regarding the conservation of our planet. the more plants we help grow, the more secure is the mother Earth. We have to be responsible to our planet. We have to make sure that the coming generations have a clean, good, healthy planet to live in. If people spend time and money planting more trees and agriculture, there would not be any hungry souls left. If only political leaders stressed on agriculture without harmful pesticides or fertilizers, then our life would have been more wonderful.

All images are mine - certified by deepa

Author: Writer013        
Posted Date: 10/02/2013    Points:2    

This is a very good article about the need for keeping our environment green and clean.
Unfortunately, most of us do not bother about the negative effects that our actions on the environment and we must learn that we are harming ourselves by polluting the environment around us.
Author: ibrum        
Posted Date: 11/07/2013    Points:9    

Green living is another way of renewing the environment and make it lively. Thus our Earth in which will live in needs to be renew and how can will renew to making a better for will to live is through going and how can will go green is by planting of tress flower and other important crop and this will in turn help the Earth to regain is lost nutrien and also, those crops can in turn serve as food to us and to her pets.di you know that direct heat froin the sun is bad and deadly but through the planting of crops can help to reduce the sun heat and also the plant does not only provide us with food and be use to make shelter, it also provide with oxygen. Man breayth in oxygen and give out carbondioxide and the plant breath in carbondioxide and give out oxygen. So you see with the plant, will can go gren to mentain how environment and with plant man cannot survive. To go green apart from planting of crop is to prevent pollution from toxic waste deposited by industries. Because does wasye are piosonous and deadly to the earth and to us. Also avoid burning of high carbon material like tyre, rubber and other deadly and inflamable substance. Going green is one of the things the government have to lookup to and how to impliment it.

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