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Top Five Hormones Which Increase Bone Growth of Human Bones

September 25, 2013  by: Dr. Simran Kaur  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.70   Views: 932

We now know that hormones play a very important role in bone growth, but, question is, which hormones play that very important role in bone growth of human bones?


Hormones play a very important and vital role in various functions performed by human body. They play a vital role in healthy functioning of human body and its various organs. The same goes for bones, that is, the hormones do play a very important role in healthy functioning of skeletal system, makes bones strong and also help in effective remodeling of bones.

We now know that hormones play a very important role in bone growth, but, question is, which hormones play that very important role in bone growth of human bones? The hormones which play a very important and vital role in effective, increased and healthy growth of bones are-

1. Insulin like growth factors.

2. Human growth hormones.

3. Thyroid hormones.

4. Insulin.

5. Estrogens.

6. Androgens.

7. Parathyroid hormone.

8. Calcitonin.

1. Insulin like growth factors-

Insulin like growth factors also known as IGFs , secreted by liver and bones. These hormones play a very important role in bone growth during childhood. They do this by stimulating osteoblasts, which are bone building cells of human body, these hormones increase their activity which results in cell division at epiphyseal plate and in periosteum and also increases synthesis of bone proteins required to build new human bone tissue.

2. Human growth hormone-

Human growth hormone also known as hGH , plays a very vital and contributory role in production of healthy bones. They help in growth of bones by stimulating secretion of insulin like growth factors from liver and bones which enhances bone growth in childhood. Insulin like growth factors are only secreted by liver and bones when they are stimulated by human growth hormone, in absence of secretion of human growth hormone from anterior lobe of pituitary gland they are not secreted.

3. Thyroid hormones-

Thyroid gland secretes two hormones T3 and T4 also known as thyroxin and tri-iodothyronine also helps in bone growth. They do this by stimulating osteoblasts to form new bone cells.

4. Insulin-

Insulin hormone also plays a vital role in bone growth. Insulin is secreted by pancreas contribute in healthy bone growth by increasing production of bone proteins required to make new bone tissue which results in increased bone growth.

5. Estrogens-

Estrogens are female hormones secreted by ovaries of women increase bone growth by stimulating osteoblasts to increase bone growth by forming new bone cells in pubertal age. It promote sudden growth spurt during teenage years. It also helps in bone remodeling during adulthood but stops growth at epiphyseal plates around age of eighteen years in females to prevent excessive lengthwise growth of bones and hence prevents giantism disease in females. They also help in bone remodeling.

Estrogens stops cell division at epiphyseal plates in both males and females to prevent excessive lengthening of bones and hence prevents giantism disease. As hormone estrogen is found in fewer amounts in males than in women, this is the reason why bone growth at epiphyseal plates stops late in males around age of twenty one years.

6. Androgens-

Androgens are male hormones secreted by testes of men from pubertal age. That is, their secretion starts at pubertal age. They help in bone growth by increasing activity of osteoblast cells to form new bone cells and also increase synthesis of bone extracellular matrix. These hormones are also responsible for sudden growth spurt during pubertal age as their secretion starts at puberty. Androgens also help in effective remodeling of bones during adult age.

7. Parathyroid hormone-

Parathyroid hormone also contributes to healthy and effective bone growth. They are secreted by parathyroid gland which help in bone growth by increasing formation of calcitriol which is active form of vitamin D and vitamin D you all know plays a very vital role in increasing absorption of calcium from food and calcium you all know makes your bone strong and healthy by making extracellular matrix of bone strong and hard which result in healthy and strong bones. So, parathyroid hormone not only helps in increasing bone growth but also help in making your bones strong and hard. It also prevents loss of calcium in urine and also helps in effective bone remodeling.

8. Calcitonin-

Calcitonin hormone secreted by para-follicular cells of thyroid gland also helps in bone growth by increasing speed of calcium ions uptake from blood by bone and increases deposition of calcium into extracellular matrix of bone and make it hard, strong and healthy and also increases bone growth and decrease bone mass loss by inhibiting activity of bone mass destructing cells osteoclasts.

Author: Amit Kumar        
Posted Date: 10/26/2013    Points:1    

What is the role of parathoromone harmone in the body?
Author: Dr. Simran Kaur        
Posted Date: 12/13/2013    Points:3    

Amit Kumar, parathoromone is another name of parathyroid hormone. Yes, parathyroid is also known by another name parathoromone. What role parathoromone also known as parathyroid hormone plays in body that I have already explained in point 7 of this article. Have look on point 7 of this article to know what role parathoromone also known as parathyroid hormone plays in body.

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