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The concept of online earning

October 02, 2013  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.80   Views: 1072

We cannot turn the clock back so the only avenue open to us is to move forward with care and caution to see that we master the net and not the other way round where the internet makes us its slave.


How it all began

Today it has become a common practice for net users to become members of sites that help them earn - either forums that pay for posting or article writing sites or both like EC ! But a decade ago this was not the case. There were very few avenues open to those who wanted to earn online.

It started with the IT companies making it easier for their employees to work from home which also gave them the advantage of having a more relaxed stress free atmosphere where more qualitative work got done...Later , other sites began to operate with forums and article writing sites becoming the most lucrative online earnings opportunities.

Sometime in the near past

I started my online activities by becoming a member of a music forum other than opening accounts with yahoo and hotmail. The music forum was for requesting and uploading old film songs and was a great concept that was liked by all. It was popular and also it gave m an opportunity to discuss what was close to my heart besides, making me richer by providing me with some wonderful old songs that the members so generously uploaded. I consider this a great earning opportunity since I earned both knowledge about music and made some great friends and also collected a lot of rare songs.

I got introduced to an article writing site by one of the members there who was already a member of this UK based sites. Those days there were hardly any Indian writing sites or sites owned by Indians. One thing led to the other and I began making real money after that writing articles to many other sites as well.

It is a small world

We realise that virtual world has shrunk to the point where at the click of a button you get to know a person's interactions and activities online. This is because you get to interact or get to read posts and articles written by the same people on almost all the prominent sites.

One gets to hear of people saying that they don't go to office but work online. Many of them are perpetually in front of their PCs or laptops socialising or working. The whole work culture seems to be changing for the next generation.

The Advantages of earning and working online

There are many advantages of working and earning online, thats why it has become so popular in the recent years
First of all, for a retired person, disabled person or a housewife it provides a platform for socialising and also give expression to their hidden talents if any ! If not they can learn and improve themselves so that they come up to the mark and earn some pocket money. This makes them feel self confident . It is also true of someone who is unable to find a suitable employment, internet earning provides him or her with some sort of an income which does come in handy!

Secondly, Along with earning most of us also interact and learn about many new things that help us make our life easier - like booking tickets online, Banking online and paying bills , buying stuff at competitive prices. One can look around leisurely and buy what is best suited for one's budget.

For ladies it also means that they get to learn new recipes and new fashion and household ideas and tips. The articles that we read online provide knowledge which is essential for us in our day today living.

The disadvantages of working online

When it is a question of attending an office job there are certain requirements that need to be considered like you need to wake up at a certain time and get ready to go - A set routine and a disciplined way of doing things which is not the case when you are working online. Most online workers sleep late and wake up late and don't follow any routine which in the long run can have an adverse effect on the body and mind.

Secondly, Unless you are working online on a connected job and are getting paid well for it, you may end up not earning what you are capable of since most online jobs pay very little. If the person has some other income like owning a house and earning rent on properties etc he or she need not worry too much about financial security. Otherwise this may not be a positive trend in youngsters since they become lax in their studies and become complacent about their life.

I feel that parents need to carefully monitor students and youngsters from getting hooked on to online rummy games, forex trading and gambling sites which are all deadly .They end up losing hard earned money and lose direction in their life as well.


When you look at the complete picture we can see that if one is careful and use internet in a mature way, it really can help us and take us forward in life by helping us make an earning and also gain knowledge. We get to know people from our own country and other parts of the world as well. We read and learn about different places and cultures and some sites where you can write about your travel experiences also provides you with points that add upto a reward or a discount on a holiday package...

We cannot turn the clock back so the only avenue open to us is to move forward with care and caution to see that we master the net and not the other way round where the internet makes us its slave.

Author: zeeshan        
Posted Date: 10/06/2013    Points:2    

Well you are right this is the detailed informative material on online earning and most of peoples can get good things from this article. You have write very good and this is great work every one who are seeking for online working can adopt many things from your written material.
Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 10/26/2013    Points:3    

It is a short, sweet and simple article for anyone to understand. And I liked the fact that you have provided some basic information right at the start of the article. The pioneers were important and then we all have come down from there. It is a great feeling to work online and more pleasurable to get paid for the same.
Author: ibrum        
Posted Date: 11/07/2013    Points:6    

Ther are many way or ways to earn cool cash online and does ways invove patent and hand working . To make it online, if you do not have awebsite or blog account, yo can earn online by writting of article to varous article writing site and the artcle writtin site pay per view of your acticles and sometimes pay more by giving bonus and they pay through. Papay, alert pay wireless transfer, money booker etc. Other sie to make money is photo uploading side that pays when you emage is view all dowloaded from there site.example of photo uplading site that will pay you include uploading.mushshare, stockphoto etc. Another way or ways to make is through youtube and you do this by signing with youtube and uploading amazing video and onces those video receive thousands of views and comment, gogle or youtube will pay you cool caSh.
Author: ibrum        
Posted Date: 11/07/2013    Points:4    

You can earn more on the internet when you have a website bacause through website many advertising industry will pay you if they advertise on your website and also you can sell affliated product on your website all you may deside to sell image, videos on your website. When you have your own website you are able acquire more compare to when you do not have a website you can upload games videos and musics and other available files to make much money. There are many opportunity on internet but every thing real depence on you and the way you put more effort toward it to achieve it.

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