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Mother a Killer, Daughter a Healer

October 02, 2013  by: Xavier  Points: 12   Category: Health    Views: 703

The Homeopathic medicine Syphilinum is a nosode from the dreaded Syphilitic discharges but with potentisation it changes into a remedy of miraculous effectiveness.


Though there are many remedies in Homeopathy that bring about miraculous cures, Syphilinum is one which adorns every homeopath's collection. When other forms of conventional treatment fail to cure, homeopathic remedies give solace and healing to the sufferer permanently. One of such remedies is Syphilinum.

A Case of Nightly Perspiration:
Our baker, Sanyasi, came to me for his old trouble of perspiration at night. He used to perspire so profusely at night that his pillow and bed sheet would turn damp. Often he found himself drenched in sweat and would spend sleepless nights wiping it. His wife sat with him with a towel to help him wipe the sweat. He was so depressed about it because he had tried all kinds of medicine and spent a lot of money to get rid of it but in vain.
I gave him 3 doses of Syphilinum 1M to be taken at two weeks interval and Mercurius Solubilis 30 to be taken daily during the intervals. These remedies cured him of his trouble. And, it has not returned so far.

A Case of Obsessive Behavior:
In another case of cure by Syphilinum, a nurse working in a reputed city hospital once visited my humble clinic. Isn't it surprising that a person who has the best of doctors and most effective of medicines at her disposal should step into a small homeopathic chamber?
She said, "A friend of mine told me that this can be cured only with homeopathy and she suggested that I should take your treatment." She showed her forearms. They had turned whitish and the skin had cracks at many places." When I asked her how she got that affection she told, "I have a feeling that I always have germs on my hands and arms. I wash my hands and arms with Dettol soap so often that a normal size soap gets over in two days. Even after washing repeatedly, I feel something creeping on my skin. I wash again and again but the feeling doesn't leave me. The doctors in the hospital advised me to stop washing my hands so many times and it would be OK. But I can't stop myself from washing my hands. See, how I have spoiled my skin on my hands."
I understood it to be a case of obsessive behavior. The lady was obsessed with the idea of keeping herself free from germs. The first dose of Syphilinum 1M gave her relief. With the second dose, the compulsion to wash her hands became less and less. With the third dose she was totally cured of her obsession. The skin on her hands was healed with external application of a normal antiseptic cream.
She came to thank me with a packet of Bengali sweets.

Mother a Killer, Daughter a Healer:
Though Syphilinum is a nosode from the dreaded Syphilitic discharges, it helps in healing any ailment of Syphilitic origin. In cases of aggravation at night I think of Syphilinum at first. It has also helped me in curing profuse leucorrhoea, and skin diseases that show up in the summer. I also don't forget to administer a few doses of it in dwarfish children. Materia Medicas tell that it has the capacity to prevent habitual abortions in the middle months of pregnancy.


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