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4 daily habits we need to change

October 04, 2013  by: Adi  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.50   Views: 711

We consider some habits like brushing the teeth after every meal, drinking only bottled water etc., as healthy. But experts argue not. These habits are not necessary and they could cause more health effects in the long run.


We consider some habits like brushing the teeth after every meal, drinking only bottled water etc., as healthy. But experts argue not. These habits are not necessary and they could cause more health effects in the long run.

Brushing after each meal:

Some of us are very proud of their pearly white teeth and so they have taken up the job of brushing their teeth after each meal. But this habit turns out to be bad for the enamel. While eating, the breakdown of food particles leaves an acidic residue in our mouth. This acidic residue weakens the enamel which is the protective layer of the teeth. So at this time, if you brush your teeth, there will be a high possibility that your enamel will be stripped permanently thus leading to teeth sensitivity.


Wait for at least an hour after having a meal. After that if you wish, you can reach for your toothbrush. After each meal, just rinse your mouth with water. This will dislodge the food particles that remain in the mouth after eating.

Using hand sanitisers:

Most of us have the habit of using hand sanitisers to get rid of the germs. It is a convenient method to clean the hands. But we should know to use these hand sanitisers properly. Most of the hand sanitisers contain a chemical called triclosan. This triclosan chemical can be easily absorbed by the skin. If this chemical enters the bloodstream, it will disrupt the cell communications necessary for muscle co-ordination. If the hand sanitisers containing triclosan are used longer, problems such as dry skin, early puberty, infertility and poor heart function may be caused.


Use soap to wash your hands.

Changing the cosmetics:

When a new cosmetic product is advertised in television, some of you may be tempted to try it. But it does great harm to your skin. The pH value of our skin is 5.5. But the cosmetic products of different brands have different pH values. So if you are a person with sensitive skin, and you experiment with different cosmetic products having different pH values, it may result in red, patchy and inflamed skin. And it will also leave your skin with rashes, pimples or acne.


Go for trusted brands and always read the pH value of the product mentioned on the cover or tube.

Drinking bottled water only:

We usually drink bottled water when we go for long travels. But bottled water is processed water and is stripped off all minerals. Bottled water serves the purpose of dehydration well. But if bottled water is used in the longer runs, it will leave the body lacking in essential minerals like magnesium, calcium, potassium, silica and sulphate. These minerals are necessary for various body functions like energy production, cell and muscle repair etc.


Drink boiled water or water purified by a filtration system.

Author: Indu Kumari        
Posted Date: 10/12/2013        

nice article
Author: Adi        
Posted Date: 10/12/2013    Points:1    

Thank you Indu Kumari for reading and commenting my article. I will be posting many more health related articles in the future. Please read them too.
Author: ibrum        
Posted Date: 11/07/2013    Points:8    

Icreadible and lovely article thanks for posting. Indeed there are some habit that will need to change to make us look responsible and intelligent and smart so that when will behave people we know that will came from a very responsible home. Many people misbehave without them know people laugh at them and say they were not brought up responsible parent. The way will wiill behave outside reflet on our family and that is the more reason why will should well at home and in public place.there are many habit that are bad and those habit include talking why walking, eating why working on the street, always involving in querell, smoking , drinking, humanizing etc. There are many ways you can change those habit (1) to always have the courage to leave those habit and planning how to totaly leave them. Secondary be religous because been religous help you to build hope your moral and make you leave that are bad and evil.. Try to advice other is like helping your own self.with all those, you be able to supress your bad habit and build a good one and through that people will respect you
Author: ibrum        
Posted Date: 11/07/2013    Points:2    

This all that I can contribute for now with time I will contribut more and more comment on this article so as to share my knowledge and ideal with you all and by for now

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