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Tips on Nutrition

October 06, 2013  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.70   Views: 1216

Some tips on nutrition that will definitely help us in our daily routine.


Nutrition is all important for our health and looks both of which are essential. We need to look our healthiest best which in turn boosts our self confidence and make us perform better in life. I am writing down some tips that will definitely help us in our daily routine.

1, The benefits of Gotu Kola - Ever heard of a herb called Gotu kola or Thimare as it is called in Karnataka. It is known as the Happy skin herb by many nutritional experts.
It is the member of the carrot family and is being now used extensively to treat skin conditions. It grows wildly as a runner growing horizontally covering large stretch of land. In the south we see it growing by the side of paddy fields in abundance. The plant contains Phytosterols, which resemble the steroids such as cortisone. This particular steroid is anti inflammatory in nature . Most farmers make a tasty chutney using the leaves or add a handful of it to dhal or Sambaar and consume it regularly since it is freely available by the side of their paddy fields.

The herb can be used both externally and internally to improve chronic skin conditions such as eczema, severe cases of acne and psoriasis. It is also used in reducing scaring from burns.

2, Athletes need much more Protein - Most active men and women don't need any more protein than sedentary people, even though they use their muscles more. Our muscles are made of protein. But eating protein rich food does not automatically add to their bulk or strength. The best way of doing it is to eat protein rich diet and do physical workouts.
Since most athletes are working out all the time, they need to take protein rich diet to balance out their nutritional needs, and this is also true of laborers who do hard physical labor.

3, Why are Greens Great - We have been hearing this since the time we were able to understand about nutrition and realise the importance of it. Greens are loaded with Magnesium, potassium and calcium ( all edible and necessary for our system). They help our immune system by helping us better absorb the nutrients in our food, cleanse the body, gives energy and promotes bowel function, even helping with weight control.
Certain greens and herbs like Cilantro ( coriander leaves) and mint leaves are known to reduce stress on vital organs . Greens are also helpful in eliminating toxins and bad breath. So all in all greens are great for our system! So making it a practice to add some greens to dhal , soups and other curries that we cook has long lasting health benefits for the entire family.

4, Eat Papayas for a perfect skin and complexion - If you have dry skin, there is a very pleasant remedy that may offset it. Researchers say that eating Papayas or apricots may be a good idea because the vitamin A in the fruit helps the body manufacture more keratin, a substance that protects the skin from the harsh elements like sun and other excessive weather conditions.
Similarly drum stick leaves, carrots, melons, oranges, mangoes and sweet potatoes are also high in Vitamin A.

5, Green Light for Red Meat - There is a near panic these days about red meat and its many bad effects on our health. However , according to studies that need not be the case- As long as your diet is low in fat, you can eat a variety of food. Here what is needed is a balancing act so that you stay within the limits. Have a lean steak no larger than a 70 gms serving and eat plenty of vegetables along with it and also drink 3-4 glasses of water before and after meal time. Instead of concentrating only on red meat you can eat more poultry and fish which is definitely a healthier choice all round.

6, Vegetarian diet - A vegan diet which excludes meat, diary products, eggs can be healthy if it includes a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts.

7, Can Coffee make you smarter - Most of us love coffee but feel guilty about all those cups of Java we down at work place or at home. But according to researchers Caffeine may actually boost memory. It causes parts of nerve cells associated with memory to grow and raises levels of calcium in the nervous system - which in turn aids in long term recall. So, as long as you keep your consumption to 2 or 3 cups per day you don't need to worry at all !

8, Alcohol and diabetes - Alcohol is known to bring down the risk of heart disease. However, for those suffering from diabetes it may not be advisable because most of the drinks like cocktails are mixed with soft drinks and fruit juices that contain high level of sugar.
Medical experts have advised that anyone suffering from Diabetes or having a history of diabetes in the family should not take drinking as a hedge against heart disease. If one is used to drinking , it is better to have no more than one drink daily for women and two a day for men. In addition, diabetics should also eat something nutritious when they drink - a salad or some healthy snack !

9, Include Tofu in your diet - Tofu is like paneer except that it is made from soya milk and is far more healthier. Some people don't like the taste of it and for those who are keen on eating tofu because of the taste here is a quick recipe that should prove helpful. Blend one banana, some strawberries or a few slices of apples, one cup of buttermilk, half cup of tofu and a little honey in your food processor until smooth. I am sure it will disappear within a minute !
Incidentally Tofu can be crumbled and added to any food item and curries, also idli and dosa batter.


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