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Water and its 7 wonders

October 10, 2013  by: Adi  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.40   Views: 727

Water is called the elixir of life and elixir of immortality. Up to 60 percent of adult human body is made up of water. Water not only quenches thirst, but also boasts several health properties.


Water is called the elixir of life and elixir of immortality. Up to 60 percent of adult human body is made up of water. Water not only quenches thirst, but also boasts several health properties.

Water helps to reduce weight:

Are you trying to reduce weight? If so, water will help in your endeavour. One of the important properties of water is that it helps to speed up metabolism. If you have the habit of drinking calorie filled beverages, now onwards replace them with water. The metabolism rate will be revved up a little more if you drink icy cold water. In order to warm up the intaken water, the body has to work a little hard and thus burns extra calories in this process.

Water helps to boost energy:

Dehydration makes you feel tired. At that time, get a glass full of water and it will help you gain energy. If you drink adequate amount of water, the heart will pump blood more effectively. Blood transports oxygen and nutrients to cells and water aids in this process.

Water lowers strain:

About 70 to 80 percentage of brain tissue is made up of water. During dehydration, our body and mind become stressed. Thirst indicates that we are dehydrated a little bit already. In order to avoid dehydration and to reduce stress, keep a glass of water or a bottle full of water in your desk and sip regularly.

Water helps in building muscle tone:

Water is essential for lubricating the joints in our body. Water helps in preventing muscle cramping. Muscle building is not possible without water. When you are dehydrated, muscle strength and control are weakened. So keep your body well hydrated to build muscles.

Water nourishes your skin:

When are dehydrated, wrinkles and fine lines become more visible. You need not use beauty creams to conceal wrinkles. Water is considered as a natural beauty cream. Water hydrates skin cells and make them chubby. This gives your face a younger look. Water also helps to flush out impurities from the body and regulates blood circulation and thus makes your skin glow.

Water aids in digestion:

Drinking water is essential for digestion. Water aids in dissolving waste particles and helps in the smooth passage of the dissolved waste particles through the digestive tract. During dehydration, the body absorbs all water and leaves the colon dry. This complicates the smooth passage of waste particles. So make sure that you are well hydrated always.

Water reduces kidney stones:

One of the main reasons for the formation of kidney stones is not drinking enough water. Kidney stones are solid crystals which are formed by the salts and minerals present in urine. Water dilutes these salts and minerals. Kidney stones cannot form in diluted urine. So drink plenty of water and prevent the formation of kidney stones.

Author: ibrum        
Posted Date: 11/06/2013    Points:4    

Water is unique and powerful and indeed it is wonderful. I love this article. Water has more than seven seven wonders and according to plato,the greet acient philosopher said that the world is govern by four element which are water,air, fire, and sand and according to him, he said water is unique among the four element authough all element as there own important. Water can be use in many different way to cook for drinking, for bathing and all help to build the body and it is part that form the blood in the bodY. No one can do without water.
Author: ibrum        
Posted Date: 11/06/2013    Points:2    

I thank you for writting this article and I hope you will write article , acticle that help to save some one. We are all learners and no one is perfect. We need some one as sonme one need us

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