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Hetty, the Grey Worm who wanted to be a Glow -Worm

October 12, 2013  by: Xavier  Points: 12   Category: Inspirational Stories    Views: 1047

She earnestly wanted to have light in her. Because she was so earnest about it, her wish was granted.


I love to retell this story to the children of my Children's Home. I love it because it has an inspirational message.The children love it because it is the story of a plain little grey child worm. Hetty was her name and more than anything else, she wanted to be a glow-worm. Her parents knew it was impossible. They wanted to distract her.
"Like a cuddle?" her mother said.
"Want a gingerbread star?" her father said.
But Hetty did not want cuddles and gingerbread stars. She wanted to glow like a glow-worm. Sitting on a flower pot she thought for a long time. Then she crawled to the Queen's palace. The queen said to her, "I cannot help you. Perhaps the wizard can change you into a glow-worm."
Hetty made her way to the wizard's tower. She found him petting and soothing his cat. A spell had gone wrong and her paws had turned bright pink and purple. She was sulking and refusing to help her master. She would not even go to fetch the spell book that the wizard may turn her paws to black like before.
"Can you hold the wand? I'll fetch the spell book." And he shuffled off to his library with his assistant under his arm.
Hetty was alone, alone for a long time. She felt bored. She looked at the wand. She looked at the star tucked at the end of the wand. It glowed. She smelt the star. It smelt like a fresh gingerbread. She licked the star. It tasted like a fresh gingerbread. And, before her heart could stop her she gobbled up the star.
She heard footsteps. She was horrified, the wizard was coming. But this time her heart said, "You must tell what you have done and say sorry."
"I'm sorry I've eaten up your star." Hetty confessed when the wizard came.
The wizard did not seem to hear her. So, she said again, "I have gobbled up the star off the end of your wand."
The wizard said, "It's OK. There are many more stars in the cupboard. Thanks for telling me."
"Will I die?" Hetty asked.
"Die? What a rude question!" said the wizard chiding. "The worst that can happen to you is that you will begin to glow inside."
"You mean, like a glow-worm?" asked Hetty, wide-eyed.
"Yes,like a glow-worm!" replied the wizard.
"How long will it last?" Hetty was bursting with joy inside.
"If you don't leave it on, it will last all your life."
"Oh what joy! Oh what bliss!" breathed Hetty.
"By the way, what is it you wanted?" asked the wizard.
"I wanted nothing. I have got all I wanted. Thank you," said Hetty and she ran back home.


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