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It takes only a minute to change your life !

October 16, 2013  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.70   Views: 982

Some of us may see others moving on and reaching somewhere while we are steady going nowhere. So what is stopping us from moving and reaching somewhere ?


I was reading a motivational or feel good book that discussed at length the importance of time in the context it is used and utilised to its maximum. Everybody wants to be successful in life and A minute therefore becomes very important since minutes make hours ,days and so on...I am sharing some of the more relevant and interesting aspects that were discussed in the book, that I felt was worthwhile.

The essence of time

According to the author three important things are needed to take your life forward ..You have to conceive it, believe in it and achieve it ! These are the three ingredients for achieving success in life. Unless you are committed and focused chances are that you will be wasting time instead of putting it into good use. I am listing down some points to be considered..

1, We have to tap into the power of each minute since life is short and minutes are ticking away and one needs to do everything today or better still yesterday !

2, Rediscovering our dreams that we thought would never materialise gives us an added incentive to achieve our goal. Age or any other consideration need not be a factor nor a deterrent .

3, Staying away from Negative people or Dream busters who only know how to criticise and pour cold water over our dreams will definitely help us move forward.

4, Taking control of our life, so that one can chart out a definite course which helps us to achieve and realise our dreams. It also helps one redesign their future.

5, Being positive - developing a productive mental attitude is very essential in life. Positivity brings in productivity , so make sure you remain positive always.

6, Overcome obstacles and rise above the circumstances that seem deterrent . For this you need to develop self confidence and will power.

7, The most important thing in any project is to begin! The longest journey always begins with a simple step - a chinese proverb that has very deep meaning. Most people talk but dont act like our politicians who are big talkers and their achievements and promises remain largely on paper.

8, Live life to the fullest and enjoy every minute of it since we know that life is short and before we know the show will be over for us.

The power of positive thinking

This is hardly a new idea since you see it everywhere around you but come to think of it why do people go around with long faces ? It is because most people are negative and tend to look at the dark side of an issue and no matter how much of positivity is floating around them , they fail to see it simply because they don't stop and think for a minute about their own life and how they can better it ! They simply go on living life the same way...

Positive thinking and being positive does not mean that the person becomes lax and casual in his or her attitude. This is what was conveyed to me by someone known to me, that a so called positive person is lazy and takes things for granted and never bothers too much about anything in life !!!! I was shocked to hear this because positive thinking is anything but being casual and laid back . Positivity, in fact is all about being able to handle situations with ease and looking for avenues to improve oneself and not get upset with failures in life. Positive thinking help us see things in a better perspective which helps us focus better and achieve our goals.

Time is important

When we think of time in relation to water we can see that we don't really bother about one drop of water, but when that single drop is connected with many more drops of water it can become a raging river and a very powerful force. The same is true of minutes and hours.

Once we decide to do something we should not waste a single minute in executing it. Once you make a start chances are that you will continue to go on with the job. Every minute is a gift, packed with power and every minute has the potential to change your life, if you use it wisely !

Some of us may see others moving on and reaching somewhere while we are steady going nowhere. So what is stopping us from moving and reaching somewhere instead of getting stuck in some place from where you see and receive very little? It is the mindset and the attitude that matters ! Our future is in our hands and our hands do only what our mind dictates!

Once we realise that we have a limited time to live, whether you are rich or poor , you also realise the importance of minutes. Once you have whiled away 1440 minutes in the day ( 24x60) which you will never get back, you know that you will never get those precious minutes back.

Denominator for success

Most people think that money is the denominator for success. But it is not right to measure success with money alone...But if you are successful you can make as much money as possible depending on your need or bent of mind. So we can say that money is a by-product of success and not the other way around. There are some successful people who are not rich but had they wanted they could make a lot of money since they know how to do it.

We see some people making a lot of money and losing it and making wealth again and risking it somewhere else and may be lose it again but they keep coming up like phoenix ! This is what denotes success, the capacity to come up against odds. These people know the recipe for success. Another person trying to follow in their footsteps may not be able to do so since they do not have the recipe for success. It is a combination of many different things coming together which makes a person successful.

When a person tries and fails, he may try again and may fail again and eventually give up trying. An interesting study made on this subject showed that if you were to take 100 people and start them at the same lace with the same conditions beginning at the age of 19, by the time they are 65 only one person will be wealthy and secure, four people will be financially secure, nineteen people will be still working to survive, twenty two will be deceased and the rest fifty four will be flat broke living on charity. One wonders whether things can be changed ? With some vision they definitely can be changed. But how many are willing to go through a deep self analysis and improve themselves ?

The mind is a marvel

Our mental attitude counts for everything in life. I remember some wise words of my grandfather who always said that people were successful not because of their wealth or their power , instead it is the personality and the kind of impact they have on others that matters and makes them successful in life.

We can see some people bringing out the worst in us, such people are failures since they are unable to make any positive impact on others. Similarly we see some other people, who may not necessarily go around carrying a positive label nor speak big words but are able to give you confidence and a warm feeling and bring out the best out of you. It is such people who are the most successful in life since they have the power to initiate positive changes around them.

Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 10/26/2013    Points:3    

Certainly yes. One minute is enough to change the entire world, the beginning of which is done from oneself. There are many examples where people have changed their routes after getting to read some inspirational books. Life is like that only. One minute can change for the better or even for the worse.
Author: ibrum        
Posted Date: 11/06/2013    Points:4    

Yes indeed it a a very few minute to change your life, either for good or for for bad.that it is better you arm high to change your life for better and not for evil. For everything is posible for those who believe in posibility and focus and who arm high to change there life for better.many people have struggle so hard to engage themself in one thing all the other.either to secure a good job a good house and good family to life a confortable and dynamic life
Author: ibrum        
Posted Date: 11/06/2013    Points:1    

I will so mush to explain how you can change your life because it all depence on individual and it arm to change

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