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Taking care of your Complexion

October 26, 2013  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $1.25   Views: 1112

Our complexion reflects our general health so what is most essential is to do the right things that bnefit our body as well as our skin.


Some basic points

Our skin is a reflection of our health. Facial skin or our complexion glows when we are healthy and are doing the right things for ourselves. This being the case, we see many people suffering from bad skin and they try everything possible to get a glowing complexion. Often they end up doing too many contradictory things that tend to damage the skin even more.

Factors like excessive seating, high humidity, oil deposits all spell doom for the skin and what makes it even worse is the factor that due to work pressure , lack of time or out of sheer laziness women tend to skip even the bare minimal skin care routine that more than takes care of their complexion.

Skin types

Before doing anything to your skin you need to know the type of your skin. Two factors define one's skin type - genetic and external. Due to the changing weather one may have dry or oily skin and also develop some problems when care is not being taken.

Other factors that directly have an impact on the skin include diet, stress levels, medication and change n skin care routine. Skin is a very sensitive organ and one can see the change very quickly when conditions are adverse.

Dry skin - Dry skin is papery and feels tight especially after your bath or when scrubbed and cleaned thoroughly. Such skin types develop a sallow skin tone and are prone to develop fine wrinkles and red patches . It is also a fact the signs of aging show up faster on dry skin - crow's feet, wrinkles and hollow cheeks show up faster on women who have dry skin.

Normal skin - Most people have this type of skin which looks smoother and even. This is also the least complicated of all skin types and adapts to changed weather circumstances far more easily. The skin type feels supple and firm to the touch. If you are blessed with this type of skin you can consider yourself lucky.

Oily Skin - This is also not a common skin type and tends to be greasy and shiny and can be problematic. We see some people look as if they have applied oil or some greasy cream on their cream only to later find out that their skin itself looks so. Such skin types are prone to develop black heads, pimples and blemishes but the one positive aspect is that oily skin does not show age and wrinkles for a long time.

Combination skin - Combination skin is somewhere in between dry and oily skin and in some you see certain part of the face being dry and certain part oily. One has to take care of such type of skin by cleaning and washing the skin often. This type of skin too does not show age like dry skin does.

Sensitive skin - Sensitive skin can be a great disadvantage since it tends to react very quickly to any little change. It bruises easily and turns an ugly red at the slightest touch . I know how bad it can be having seen such skin type at close quarters .One of my friend has this skin type and she is forever looking either red or blue as the case may be with the slightest of change . This type of skin is very prone to allergies too.

How does one take care ?

Once we are able to define our skin type, one can go about taking care of it, which does not mean that you get immersed in its care day in and day out. What is needed is a combination of healthy diet, plenty of water and a few regular skin care procedures.
We should remember certain basic facts about our skin - skin being the largest organ in our body and every square inch of skin has about 650 sweat glands and hundreds of nerve endings which means ,that unless all of these organs are kept in tip top condition the quality of the skin suffers.

A few skin care tips

1, The most important and essential requirement for our body and complexion is a healthy diet. What we eat shows up on our skin. A balanced fat free diet with plenty of fluids especially water is the healthiest choice for our skin. The more greens and fruits you eat the better your skin tends to look.

2, Less is more where make up is concerned so make it a point not to load your skin with layers of make up clogging the pores each time you step out . Instead go in for minimal look and let your skin breath and remain healthy and glowing.

3, It is very important to Keep our skin clean . Even if one is not able to clean and scrub the skin every now and then, making it a practice to cleanse it before bed time is good enough. The skin should be able to breathe freely for those 6-8 hours when you are asleep.

4, Taking a bath every day and washing your facial skin with warm water and mild soap keeps it clean. Do not rub your skin with a rough towel, instead pat it dry and apply a cream or a lotion.

5, Use a moisturizer after bath and if possible whenever you step out of the house. This takes care of any adverse effect the outside factors like intense heat, dust and pollution may have on our skin.

6, Our mental attitude too has a lot to do with our skin. Remaining stress free is very essential for a healthy glowing skin. Once you learn to balance out your emotions you can also handle most unpleasant situations in life without going to pieces. Yoga, meditation and even simple exercise routine like Yoga and hobbies like gardening can help you remain calm and collected and better equipped to handle stress.


Our complexion reflects our general health so what is most essential is to do the right things that benefit our body as well as our skin.More than anything else it is the attitude that counts most. The more you smile the better your skin looks. Once you develop a positive outlook towards life in general, your entire personality benefits by this.

Eat healthy, work out, drink plenty of water and take a brisk walk and follow a few basic skin routine and you will definitely have a glowing healthy skin without much effort.

Author: Indu Kumari        
Posted Date: 02/17/2014    Points:2    

I want to drink water as much as possible but whenever I try to follow it I feel uneasy.Normally I am used to of drink hardly 2-3 glass of water daily.Please suggest me how can I increase my water intake per day?

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