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Link building tips and ideas for your blog

October 27, 2013  by: Abhijit Bangal  Points: 12   Category: Blogging  Earning $0.40   Views: 915

Here are some link building tips and ideas for your blog. Linking building over a period of time comes in handy later.


Any blog or web site will get value when it has enough content, satisfactory traffic and reasonable income. However, none of this can be achieved overnight and without patience. A lot of hard work goes through along with sweet and sour experiences.
As audience is a must for your blog, so are the links. They help you and your blog in a variety of ways. And as a matter of fact, this is what makes your blog successful. Links help your blog in
. Increasing the weight of your page
. Increasing the authority with Technorati; and of course
. Increase the Page Rank with Google
When this triangle takes shape, so does the blog. You will be able to keep your audience on the blog for a longer time. This will then
. Lessen the bounce rate and
. Increase your revenue
When there is considerable traffic coming in, it is very likely that there will be more links pointing at your blog, it will help in increasing the Google Rank, bring in more ad impressions and will have even more potential for the pay-per-click advertisements.
Well, the dream is pretty lovely, but needs a considerable amount of everything - time, money and energy - to be put into. Time and energy matter the most here along with building links. Here are some ideas for you to bring in more links to your blog.
Submitting blog to blog directories
Perhaps the most common of them all is submitting your blog to blog directories. There are scores of such directories where you can add the link of your blog. This will give you one backlink. Similarly, if you add your blog, to say, ten directories, there will be ten different places that will point to your blog. You can easily Google for such directories and find where to register. Just be sure that the directories are legit. Take your time to do research.
Holding blog contests
Holding blog contests is a great and pretty exciting way to bring in more traffic to your blog. It is not just the traffic, but you will also be getting incoming links as well. So, if you decide to hold blog contests, prepare yourself and go for it. And do not worry about spreading the word. There are many sites you can use for promoting the blog contest. This automatically increases the incoming links.
There is another way of getting some more links to your site if you ask the contestants to write a short article about the contest on their own blogs and put a link that will point to your site.
Writing guest posts
Another prominent way of getting links to your web site is writing guest posts. This is widely used method with good results. This serves two purposes. It brings in new and fresh traffic to your blog and also gives you links back to your site. However, for this to happen, you will have to write on a guest post with a blog that has better Google Page Rank already.
If your site has a lower Page Rank than that other site, it is unlikely that you may not be allowed to write a guest post. Because some admins do not want to link to sites that have lower Page Rank than their own.
Writing what your audience wants to read
And finally comes the all important tip - writing the stuff that your audience would like to read. But the question is how you will know what and which type of articles do your audience like to read. There are ways and means to know this too. The most basic answer to this is, writing helpful, useful and interesting stuff.
If you can write 'how-to' articles, they will certain fair better. You can also ask the reader to comment at the end of the article, if they find it useful apart from writing one such post on their own blog and linking back. You are more likely to get incoming links this way.


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Link building tips and ideas for your blog
Here are some link building tips and ideas for your blog. Linking building over a period of time comes in handy later.


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