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Useful Household and personal tips

November 06, 2013  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $1.00   Views: 1183

A few useful and helpful household and personal tips..


Some useful tips

1,You need not have a great looking luxurious bathroom, what is far more important is to have a clean bathroom that is germ free and smells fresh. All that you need to do is pour a bucket full of hot water mixed with some Phenoyle and bleaching liquid every now and then on the floor and sweep it into the drain holes. This is to make sure that, the germs on the floor and in the drain hole, get destroyed and the pests have no place to breed.

2, When you have a bare wall in your house that needs some feature on it, make it also work for you. Get your carpenter to make a set of wooden brackets or shelves for keeping books and other knickknacks .Don't make too many of them, otherwise you will have a crowded messy look.

3, Most apartments these days come with small bedrooms and there is just enough space for a bed and a wardrobe. The best option is to have smart storage ideas - like a headboard with some shelves that stashes some books if you have the habit of reading at bedtime , a clock and anything else you like to have around you when you are asleep or spend time on your bed.

4, Most of us use laptops and computers on a daily basis for several hours in a day. This can cause back ache or pain in the neck and feet as well...more so when you are above 50 years of age when bones tend to become brittle. The best way of handling it is to take a break every 30 minutes. Take a break for 2 minutes, stretch yourself and move around and drink one or two glasses of water to replenish the fluids within your system and then get back to your work. When you develop this habit you will notice a difference within a matter of days.

5, If you are one of those who likes snacking while browsing the net or while doing your work on the computer ,why not do it the right way without feeling guilty about it? Instead of keeping fried snacks ,chips and aerated drinks, keep chopped fruit and vegetable salads, butter milk ,chilled herbal tea and small sandwiches handy so that you can eat and drink to your heart's content without feeling guilty.

6, When you go shopping , select and buy through instinct rather than depend on what the fashion dictates and what your friends recommend. In fact ,it is a good idea to shop alone for dresses since you don't get influenced by other people's choice and likes. At times we get carried away by others advise and pick what is suggested by others only to regret later.

7, If you have been advised to lose weight and you are finding it difficult to do so because you are unable to follow a strict diet nor do regular exercise, there is a simpler way out. Start by drinking two glasses of water before your meals, you will automatically eat less. When you go shopping make it a point to walk while going and take an auto or public transport while coming back.

8, Saving is a habit that needs to be cultivated while one is young. Investing and saving early can act as a safeguard throughout your life. Start by giving your child a piggy bank and opening a bank account into which he or she can deposit the collected amount. This habit goes a long way since your child learns to handle money early in life and realises the value of it when it grows in the bank account.

9, Make it a point to grow at least a few plants in your garden or in your terrace. If your apartment is too small and has no terrace or a balcony, you can use the kitchen window or the hall/sitting room window sill to grow plants. You can use any odd plastic tray for growing mint or other herbs. You can also grow money plants in a bottle that can be kept in your living room. Even a single plant can make a lot of difference to the way your interior looks and feels.

10, Remember the good old nursery rhyme ' Bits of paper lying on the ground, makes the floor untidy, pick them up !' There was such a lot of wisdom in those words teaching small children the importance of cleanliness right from childhood. We need to do this all the time, it is only when each one of us cares for our surroundings and keep it clean that we can hope to have a clean locality, clean city and a clean and tidy nation!

11, An ideal gift to give anyone is a small potted plant which most people like and you are also doing your bit for conserving environment. Make sure that the person receiving the gift has space for the plant otherwise your effort may go waste without being appreciated.

12, Personal grooming is very essential since it is part of a discipline that helps you develop a positive overall personality. A neat and tidy person makes an immediate favorable impression on other people. When you go for interviews , the way you look, carry yourself and your overall personality is what makes the first impression so also when you meet people for the first time. There are times when you never get an opportunity to make a second better impression .


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