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Make your bathroom right for you

November 07, 2013  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.60   Views: 748

There is no limit to what one can do with one''''''''s bathroom - it has now become a style statement with many upper class families and they go all out to add on more features like an AC, music system, a counter top for knickknacks like books, laptop and so on...


A bathroom was a bathroom

There was a time when the bathroom was located at a corner, right at the back of one's house, and in some areas it was a separate unit located away from the house. It was considered a necessary utility area that had to be kept as far away as possible. But now things have changed and bathrooms have undergone a revolutionary change to become very much part of the house.

These days bathroom is not considered just a utility, instead people spend a lot of time in their bathrooms taking a long shower, soaking up in a tub of warm water and reading their favorite books ..So builders put in a lot of effort into planning a bathroom that is befitting the house they are going to build and house owners too are ready to spend a considerable amount in making their bathrooms look attractive and very much a part of the house.

Beyond the basics now

The old fashioned bathrooms came with a bare minimum - bath area, a WC and at the most a wash basin. People would use the bathroom quickly and rush out. With more comfortable style taking over now we have bathrooms attached to the bedrooms so that people have privacy ,for which people spend a lot of money so that it becomes a place for relaxing.
They include at least a toilet, bidet, wash basin and some storage space, a bath tub if they have enough space available. Some even turn it into a home spa with aroma candles and relaxing music or put in comfortable seating to relax on as they give themselves a pedicure or other beauty treatments.

So now bathrooms are expanding into personal retreats with Jacuzzi, decorative fixtures and whirlpools being incorporated into the bathroom design.
We also see a false ceiling in many modern bathrooms which conceals the water heater, piping and other stuff and making the bathroom cosy and aesthetically more attractive.

More colors and more style

There was a time when only white was used for bathroom fixtures , then came a jazzy period of time when people began experimenting with too many clashing colored tiles, wash basins, mirrors in different shapes and sizes and WCs, sometimes creating a very messy look.

Then came the pristine all white look, when everything remained white with the tiles giving a bit of color with pale shades of beige, grey , lemon, mauve , green or off white, but very subtle. Nowadays, we see that fixtures are in shades of beige, biscuit or bone colors which are gaining popularity. And the wall tiles and floor tiles often blend in to give a roomy appearance.

If you prefer changing the look of your bathroom frequently, choose neutral colors and plain styles that can easily be given different appearance by switching a few things such as adding on a new shower curtain and make some shelving or add new hand towels in contrasting colors. Glass fitting like a shower unit can also change the look of the bathroom making it look elegant.

However, what is far more important is to follow your intuition and select what you think is right for you and your family rather than go with others choice.

Plenty of choice in washbasins and sink units

The old fashioned standalone basin has now given way to countertop basins, under counter basins that look as if they are sunken into the counter and basins with steel brackets.
Sunk in Wash basins mounted on cabinets are gaining a lot of popularity since you get some storage space under it and with careful planning you can have drawers to store stuff , also have shelves below that which successfully hides the unsightly pipes and provides storage space as well for towels and other stuff. The counter top can be used for toiletries and other items used regularly.

Even if there is no space for a proper countertop on the regular length of wall, you can plan it in such a way that you have it in the corner, whereby you save space and can also utilise the space under it for storage.

Lighting in your bathroom

You need to have at least one high powered light above the mirror to help you do your make up. The other lights can be dim, soft to create the right mood for relaxing. Alternatively, you can install dimmers so that you can have the right amount and intensity of light depending on your need.
Lighting is important since many people read in the bathroom and need either a wall fixed light or a bright light which can be turned whenever there is need to do so.

Some points to bear in mind

The next time you think of redecorating or redoing your bathroom or building a new one you can keep these few useful points in mind.

1, Make sure that you separate the wet and the dry areas - The shower area should be at one end ,at a slightly lower level, and either a shower curtain or a glass enclosure should be made so that the water doesn't splash on to the floor or on the shelves or the counter top. A constantly wet bathroom is not really attractive nor is it healthy, so try to keep it dry all the time.

2, Keeping aesthetics and general look in mind make sure that your WC is not the first thing you see , when you enter your bathroom. Install it in a corner or behind the door, hidden from the view. Using a toilet cleaning liquid frequently keeps it clean and odor free.

3, Make sure that all cabinets and shelves are built a few inches above the ground to prevent grime and excess water collecting in nooks and corners as these might cause infection. This also helps you clean the floor thoroughly by pouring water and sweeping it away and drying with a wiping cloth. Keeping the shelves high prevents the shelves from soaking up water and rotting.

4, Make sure that towel bars are placed carefully after taking everything into consideration. They should be at arm's length from the shower area and the height should be such that the towels do not get wet.

5, An exhaust fan is a must in bathrooms. They circulate the air in the bathroom preventing odors and foul smell.

Finally to conclude , Bathroom has become a style statement with many upper class families and they go all out to add on more features like an AC, music system , a counter top for knick-knacks like books, laptop and so on...there is no limit to what one can do with one's bathroom.
But don't go overboard and forget the functional aspect which is all important. A neat and tidy bathroom that smells and feels clean is in itself a style statement!


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